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A Tip for Brides - Don't Forget Your Lingerie

by:Sunspice      2020-06-03
Don't underestimate the time and effort it will take to find your wedding and honeymoon lingerie. It's not always as easy as waltzing into a shop saying 'I'll have that, that and this', paying and waltzing back out again. Unfortunately, there is a lot more you have to take into consideration. However, it is fun - you just need to prepare yourself properly. You may need to order your size; your lingerie may need to be made for you. You need to ask yourself: what does your dress allow and will you find bridal underwear which will give you the desired look? Put aside at least one full day's shopping, have a plan of action and be prepared to spend some money; you need to be comfortable - it's your big day so only French lace, silk and satin will do. Garter, Stockings and Suspender Belt You may not usually wear suspenders and stockings and don't feel obliged just because it's your wedding day. If it is your first time, give them a test drive before your big day as they do take a bit of getting used to. However, once you do feel comfortable in suspenders you won't ever go back to tights (yuck!) If you feel suspenders are a step too far or your dress doesn't allow for the extra bulk, then holdups will do the trick - they are very comfortable and can be seamless. There's some great bridal underwear on the market in all colours, ivory, white, nude, black with little blue bows or blue ribbon fed round the edge so that's another thing you don't have to worry about. As for garters, well, ensure they match your holdups or stocking tops, you may need to use fashion tape to keep it in place and remember tradition is to shoot it into the group of single men at the wedding so perhaps buy two. Bra or corset? Your wedding dress has to be taken into consideration here - you really don't want to be wearing a corset and a boned wedding dress together. It maybe that you don't need to wear anything on your top half as your dress does all the work a bra would do but if you are buying knickers you might as well buy the matching bra or corset. One word of advice though is although corsets are very flattering they aren't comfortable if you are sitting for any length of time or if you have a good appetite. However for the bedroom, there's nothing better than a corset! Re-enact your wedding night on honeymoon without the dress - you should bear in mind that your bridal lingerie is effectively your second wedding dress. Knickers Again your dress may depict what type of knickers you have to choose. If your dress has a fuller skirt then there's a plethora of choice - from French knickers to cut-out detail bikinis (very 'in' this season). Or you could go girly and wear knickers with silk side bows in all colours or even a kinky pearl thong! Also, don't forget your grownup bridesmaids - you can get a fun novelty gift of knickers with 'bridesmaid' embroidered on the back. Sleepwear A chemise is the only way to go here. Ok, so you may sleep naked or in his boxer shorts usually. However, the likelihood is you are staying in a five star hotel or resort and there are times when you need to be a little (not a lot) more decent - think room service, a semi-private balcony or breakfast outside your beach hut. It is a good idea to invest in a beautiful silk chemise and kimono. Pure elegance and much more of a turn-on than his boxer shorts!
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