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Babydoll Lingerie

babydoll lingerie started showing more of women's buttocks to entice the men to engage in sexual foreplay with their women.

Babydoll lingerie chemise matching panties in the same color and style as the tops. If the tops have frilly lace at the edges, you can expect the panties to either have frilly lace as well or be designed as G-strings to further entice the menfolk. For the more conservative type of wearer, the babydoll lingerie may be more low-key in appearance, and used as a regular nightgown rather than look like sexy undergarments. 

The babydoll lingerie, as its name suggests, evokes an image of youthful innocence so it is no wonder that younger people tend to buy the babydoll lingerie for their partners and for themselves. Babydoll lingerie can be made from sheer delicate material like nylon, chiffon and even silk. The emphasis of babydoll designs is on comfort and appeal. Some designs focus on making the babydoll lingerie look elegant and classy without disregarding the sex appeal of the wearer. 

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