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Blindfolds - Your Key to Seriously Hot Sex

by:Sunspice      2020-08-16
Blindfolds are one of those bondage toys which seem like they're sweet and innocent, but they are so very naughty. In fact, of all the bondage techniques I know, blindfolds are by far the most torturous. You might be asking yourself why I'm saying this. After all, aren't there other torture devices out there to choose from? Nipple clamps, harnesses, whips and chains, and many others sound a lot more frightening than blindfolding. True, they do sound more frightening, and in all fairness, they probably are. But I'm not talking scary torture devices; I'm talking about tantalizingly erotic torture. If you ever like to watch S and M videos (and who doesn't?), you'll see they often have their partner blindfolded. Blindfolding allows the pleasures of the flesh to intensify in so many ways. When you can't see, your creative imagination opens up and you picture all the things your lover could possibly do to you while you're tied up. Blindfolds, Whips and Chains, Oh My! Okay, so you might be wondering what kinds of torture you can conjure up with a blindfold. Any kind of torture you can imagine. Blindfolds are best used in conjunction with other restraints. I prefer blind folds and handcuffs. Bondages of all kinds can be used in addition to the blindfold; the best thing to do is choose for you. You and your beloved can discuss this, but I recommend going to the local sex shop and having a good look around instead. You might find something that surprises and tantalizes you both. How to Tease Your Beloved It's quite easy to use a blindfold. I prefer one of those sleep masks you can get for airlines to block out all the light. They work wonders and they are comfortable to wear. You can use a scarf or handkerchief, of course, but those can be a little difficult to keep tied or they can be difficult to unknot when you're finished playing. Either way, anything you have handy will work. Your partners work tie is a great blindfold and sexy torment for him when he comes home from a long day at the office. Once you have your beloved comfortably blindfolded, you can use other restraints if you like. But the important thing is the tease and denial. He won't know if you're going to be cruel or kind if he can't see what toys you have to play with. Ice cubes, warm edible oils, whips, chocolate syrup, and anything else you can think of is all fair game when he can't see you. Personally, I prefer to start with a gentle tickle, then a tormenting torture, bringing him on the brink of climax over and over. The great thing about blindfolds is he has no idea what I'm going to try next and he can't wait to find out.
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