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Bridal Lingerie Lovelies

by:Sunspice      2020-05-27
If you are the bride to be or know someone who is, one of the best wedding presents from another female is dazzling honeymoon lingerie. Sometimes a shy bride backs away from buying her own provocative underwear, so her best girlfriend can step up to the plate and purchase that perfect free flowing fantasy nightwear that she longs to call her own. It's always nice to be surprised, however, your gal pal getting married will benefit greatly if you let the cat out of the bag and consult with her about garment size, colours and the level that she dares to go bare. Before the hen party, talk to her privately about what kind of romantic lingerie she might be dreaming of, and allow yourself at least a few days to find it. If you do not have the opportunity to ask her first, keeping with a basic black colour theme may be the safest route. White is another popular bridal color, however, some women prefer the ivory, or off-white shade, to add a little warmth to the sexy wardrobe tone. When it comes to feel good fabrics and textures, you can't go wrong with luxury silk lingerie. Lace also has its appeal, but might not be comfortable for some body types. Too many lacy accents may cause itching and can add a bulky look to a hipline, so use your best judgement for a streamline fit. Making a gift of fabulous sexy lingerie is a welcome change from the perfunctory toaster or neutral shaded bath towels. Just be sure that your indulgent lingerie is in good taste and fashioned for comfort as well as looks. The big day is rapidly approaching, so plan your work and work your plan to find the perfect match of seductive underwear for your gal pal on her special night.
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