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Bridalwear Tips - From Dresses to Bridal Underwear

by:Sunspice      2020-06-16
Your wedding is, as well as a few other (quite) important things, a sartorial landmark. When you were little, chances are one of your first dress-up attempts was putting a hankie on your head as a veil and, in the passing years, you'll have wondered at least once what you'd wear to your wedding, even if you never actually planned on marrying. But now you're really doing it. This means it's time to put all those bridal fantasies into action - but what should you put on on the day? Take a look at the below guide to bridalwear tips to see how to pick a killer dress and what lingerie to wear to make your wedding night sizzle... The Dress Your wedding dress is all about personal choice, but there are a few things you can keep in mind that might make it easier to make a decision. Firstly: what you wear doesn't have to be white and strapless with a full skirt. It's a popular style, yes, but if what works for you is something short, coloured or not a dress at all (a tailored suit, for example) then go for it - you know what suits you best and makes you happiest. If you are going down the traditional white dress route, choose a shade of white that looks great with your skin-tone and a shape that suits your body: hour-glasses, for example, look great in cinched-waist styles while athletic types can get away with empire line cuts. The Lingerie Bridal underwear is a thing of two halfs: you want pieces that'll give you a fantastic silhouette under your dress, but you also want to look sexy when you take the dress off. Usually, support and sensuality don't go hand-in-hand. That's why a diva-style costume change is recommended if you really want to push the boat out on your wedding night (of course you do). To carry off your dress in style (especially if it's a sleeker cut without a built-in corset), you can create a smoothly defined waist, hips and bottom with proper support knickers. These unattractive-but-genius pants are made of tough elastic material and provide coverage from waist to thigh, whittling out amazing curves. The bra you pick should be entirely dependent on the shape of your dress: bandeau-style uplift for strapless dresses, multi-way for one-shoulder styles and plunge for low-cut numbers. Pop on a traditional garter and you're good to go. After the dress comes off, you can go for sexy style over substance: pour yourself into a corset, whip on stockings and suspenders and replace those control knickers with French briefs...
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