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Can You Save Your Marriage With Dress Up Games?

by:Sunspice      2020-06-27
I would love to be able to say, 'Why yes. All you need to do to save your marriage is buy a Dress Up Games Costume and poof, your marriage relationship will magically be renewed and improved.' Of course, it is not as simple as 'show up naked and bring beer', it is quite the opposite. A good marriage relationship requires permanent work. Costumes and Dress Up Games are just variations that you can use to improve your relationship. 1. Wearing a Sexy Costume will grab your husband's attention and focus it on you and he will see that you are open to trying something new and different. 2. Wearing a wig with your costume can make your husband feel like he is with another part of yourself without having to feel any guilt. 3. You will feel more sexy. A man can get excited and enjoy sex almost instantaneously but a woman has to get sexually ready in her mind before anything physical ever happens. The sexier you feel about yourself, the better you will enjoy the whole love making experience. 4. The more the sexual part of your relationship intensifies and improves, you will find both marriage partners feel more patient with each other. The little things won't bother them anymore. 5. The act of trying something new or different will open up the door to communications with each other. Husbands and wives need to understand each others wants, needs, desires, hopes and dreams and know that their partner cares about their s too. I watched a movie just the other day about a couple that had been married for six years and were faced with the horrible truth that their sexual relationship was boring and almost non-existent. They began exploring ideas to try to improve their marriage and came up with the idea to become 'swingers'. It didn't work so well for them and I have to say, in my opinion, this is the exactly wrong way to spice things up in your marriage relationship. I began discussing this topic with my husband (it always helps to get a man's point of view!) and he gave me a hint about the male mindset. In his opinion, the single biggest problem for men is that they are easily bored and this is the main reason for extra-marital sex. So spice things up for him. Be creative and spark his imagination. Once you decide you want to use the Tool of Dress Up Games to spice up your marriage, you must find a costume that will make you feel sexy. Get some input from your husband regarding what he likes before you buy. For example, a husband may prefer more risque costumes and some men prefer a more subtle costume. Find a wig that is dramatically different from your own hair color and add to your wig collection over time so you can alternate between a red head, blonde, brunette or even have white hair or pink hair. Do not buy any costumes unless they make YOU feel sexy. We all can not look like super models but a sexy costume should enhance your own beauty and make you feel like a super model. Now, there are two ways to handle the actual Costume Night Event. If your husband is attentive to you, then tell him a week or few days in advance that you have bought a Burlesque Costume and you are planning a special night together. The anticipation of your new costume will excite your husband and keep his mind on you dreaming about you before the Event. (and after too!) If your husband has been less than attentive lately and spending time doing other things and doesn't pay much attention to you, then you must use the Shock & Awe method. Don't say anything about your plan. Wait until you have an evening alone with him and just get dressed up and strut around the house in front of him and wait until he notices you. The look on his face will be your first reward for doing something new and different. Just don't make the mistake of doing nothing. Very few things in life that are worthwhile just happen. Marriage should be an adventure not a death sentence. Experimentation with your partner is the best way for you to find out what changes you need to make to improve and enhance your happy marital relationship.
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