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Choosing a Sexy Costume Like a Lingerie

by:Sunspice      2020-04-18
Every woman secretly desires to have a sexy costume like a revealing lingerie as a part of her wardrobe. Who would not want to appear irresistible and fetching to one's partner? If a sizzling costume can make you look great and make your spouse or partner totally flipped over you, it can be quite a thrilling prospect. However, when you choose a lingerie, you should make sure that you choose the right one that makes you comfortable in your skin. It is important that the dress that you choose is ideal for your body type. Petite body: If you have a petite body, you can look really sexy showing off your legs; they can make you look taller and hotter. So go for a negligee or chemise that stops right above your knees to compliment your figure. Small sized bust: If you have modest or small sized breasts, you can opt for demi bras, with a horizontal bust line and wide-set straps. They are seamed and they lift the cleavage, giving a frame-like aura to your bust. Also, if you do not want to use that option, you can go for a lingerie that emphasizes your lower body and legs. You can also make use of garters and stockings to increase the sex appeal of your legs. Top heavy: If you are generously built in the chest region, you can go for sexy costumes like a bras with underwire cup, halter tops and cowl-neck slips. All of these can accentuate your cleavage and provide great support to your assets as well. Bottom heavy; If the lower part of your body is heavy, you can go for empire-cut gowns that are loose fitting at the bottom area, so that they not only keep people guessing about your size and at the same time reduces too much emphasis from that part of the anatomy. You can also choose a sheen to accentuate your legs. Full figured body: If you have the full figured curvy figure, then you can experiment with a lot of sexy costumes. Empire cuts, chiffon net gowns and scoop-necks can really create the right impression. One of the best fashion tips is to wear dark colors to create more mystery.
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