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Clubwear for Spring, 2012

by:Sunspice      2020-08-01
Shopping for spring dresses is so much fun! The promise of warmer weather means the freedom to show a little more skin when you're out partying on the weekend. There are tons of super trendy looks when it comes to spring dresses this season. Since the weather is getting warmer, you don't have to zip up your jacket before going out for the evening anymore. But that doesn't mean no more zippers. Embrace Trendy Dresses with Zipper Details! Zippers add a touch of metal to whatever you're wearing. One zipper makes a dress fun. Two zippers? That dress is edgy! Even more? Your look is now downright rock and roll worthy! The best time to add zippers to your ensemble is when you're going out at night, but they're probably not so appropriate during the day, particularly if you work in an office! During fall fashion week, Spring collections were revealed, and zipper details were abundant on trendy dresses. A zipper right down the front of an army green dress made one couture design look utilitarian and sweetly urban. Meanwhile, a simple shoulder zipper added some silver sparkle to a regular little black trendy dress. Do you feel that zippers are way too rock and roll for your style? Don't fear! Opt for a zipper down the back of a pretty brocade skirt or trendy dress. This look is the ultimate in unfinished elegance, and has been seen in recent collections by Marc Jacobs and Dolce Vita. When it comes to zippers, make sure all of the zippers in your ensemble are of the same metal family. You don't want a whole bunch of different metals in one outfit. Gold and silver clash, and wearing them together can make your whole look seem sloppy. If you're really into coordinating your whole look, it is recommended to match the metal in your jewelry to the metal tone of the zippers you are wearing. Sexy Dresses with Cut Outs Trendy dresses with cut outs are another way to bring a little edge to your 'going out' outfit. Small cut outs on the ribcage are a safe way to wear this trend. Women don't regularly showcase the skin just below their breastplate. This patch of beauty goes unnoticed 95% of the time - why not draw the eye there? It is a surprisingly sexy look. Long sleeved dresses with cut outs along the sleeve are also great for spring. They provide a little extra coverage, stand out from the crowd, and showcase toned arms. Cheers! Have fun going out drinking and dancing in all of your trendy dresses.
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