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Clubwear - What You Wear Says A Lot About You

by:Sunspice      2020-07-25
If you are the type that loves to party and enjoy a great deal of clubbing, you will definitely have a wardrobe full of clubwear. However, you may also find these tips useful about what you wear actually says a lot about you or others. The Color Of Your Cute Tops Ever heard about people mentioning about their favorite colors? Well you can actually tell a bit about what kind of person they are based on the color of their cute tops that they are wearing. For instance, someone wearing red plans to draw attention to themselves as the color symbolizes love, courage and anger and joy. If you like red, you could be someone who is impulsive, sexy and tend to have mood swings. Green represents freshness, jealousy and a security and if that's your favorite color, the chances are that you someone who is a loyal friend. Blue is the color of tranquility and it has a calming effect. If you like blue, you are probably someone who is capable, sensitive and would make an outstanding friend. If you always like to wear black, it shows to people that you are stylish, sophisticated and domineering. The Clothing Style While color does help to set the mood for a person, the way they wear their clubwear will also give quite an impression to others. There is always a choice of choosing a blouse or wearing spaghetti straps. The latest fashionable cute tops are those that are transparent or have minimum amount of clothing. Some are completely bare back while others are quite low cut. Some aim to show the ladies' midriff or belly button. These all aim to make the person stylish and sexier. Of course if you have a lovely figure, it will look really good on you. It would be best to cover up a bit more if you happen to be a bit larger in size. Skirt or Jeans? If you want to look really hot with these cute tops, it would be more ideal to wear them with tight dark colored jeans. Most women these days love jeans that are figure hugging as well as low cut. However, there are those that prefer to wear skirts as well. These will also be quite short as well as tight. Dark colors tend to make people look slimmer or thinner. Summary At the end of the day, people can always get a good feel of who you are based on what you wear and the color of your clothing as it is sending out hidden meanings about the type of person you are. However, this should not stop you from having a good time out there.
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