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Corset - The History And Purposes - What Do You

by:Sunspice      2020-04-06
Corset, a timeless piece of sexy lingerie has been a best friend among women for many years. Is there a single woman who doesn't love that sexy piece of lingerie? Corsets help with creating curves in all the right places and unlike suck-you-in-knickers it is also a desirable piece of sexy lingerie. History of the corset. For many centuries the corset, a little wonder and sexy lingerie, has helped women achieve the hourglass body shape. Depending on the fashion, corsets were altered to address what was required at the time, for example: Elizabethan corsets were required to be very stiff; therefore whale bones began to be used in the production of corsets to achieve the desired effect. By the Victorian era, the most desired look was the hourglass figure, so corsets were made so they could shape any body shape to this trendy and sexy silhouette. Corsets Today. There are two main types of corsets today the over-bust and the under-bust (also known as a waist cincher). An over bust corset extends from just under the arms to over the hips. These corsets will normally boost your cleavage and enhance your waist. Some styles can come with cups and padding. An under bust corset begins just under the breasts and stops at the hips. This corset will only pull in your waist; however, in doing just this, it creates the hourglass figure as your hips appear to flare out and your waist looks extremely thin. Corset anatomy Usually corsets are made of a flexible material such as leather or fabric and then stiffened with boning inserted in to sections of the panels. Today, plastic is the most common material used for boning for lightweight or cheap corsets, used as sexy lingerie. In stronger and better quality corsets spring or spiral steel is used instead. Corsets are usually held together by very sexy lacing, usually at the back of the corset. To change the firmness of the corset, all you need to do is to tighten or loosen the laces. Other uses of a corset A corset can also be used for medical purposes however this corset will not be the same as in the sexy lingerie shops. Spinal problems such as scoliosis or internal injuries can be treated with a specifically designed corset in order to immobilise and protect your torso. Where they are worn Corsets are typically an undergarment however they are not just worn as a piece of sexy lingerie. They can be the outer part of a dress. In many European countries, traditional dresses are with a corset on the outside of the garment. Corsets can be used to make your figure look better in your outfit as lingerie, as an outfit or as a naughty little piece of sexy lingerie for the bedroom. So whatever you need, a corset will make you feel feminine and sexy.
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