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Corsets - Newest, Must Have Item For Men?

by:Sunspice      2020-07-19
History has shown that women have indulged in items that will do anything to conceal those unwanted bulges, flaps, bumps,....basically any part of the body that is unflattering. From Spanx, to girdles, to seems as though this category of body concealers has been exclusive to women, given the culture of society. However, are not alone in our insecurities. Apparently, the newest trend for the fellas are man corsets and man girdles (sometimes called mirdles)! And they are selling like hotcakes!! Company's such as Saks Fifth Ave are enjoying the fruits of this new trend. They offer an $89 to $119 undershirt by Australian company Equmen, which primary focus is to improve posture and reduce back pain( in addition to making dudes look slimmer.) How many women can get away with the line, ' I wear this girdle for health reasons only.' Good one guys! And with the given economic climate, these 'mirdles' are apparently of much importance based on sales. The Times reports, 'Saks has sold more than 30 percent of its stock in four weeks, 'which is incredible,' said Eric Jennings, the men's fashion director.' So what does the male corset or 'mirdle' mean for women? What will women have to do to top this? This newly found obsession with the male body can cause a panic for females everywhere. No worries though, the man corset or 'mirdle' will never be as fashionable, and guys will have a harder time breaking the news to the boys about his newest man Spanx! Ladies, keep it fashionable and sexy with our hottest corsets and bustiers:
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