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Designer Lingerie

by:Sunspice      2020-05-11
Search for designer lingerie and you will undoubtedly discover over a million search results that in one way or another fit the bill. As with designer branded apparel you have different levels of quality, design and fit, although it is important to note that when buying underwear, the fit is the most important thing. As such this industry does not differ from any other, in that quite often 'you get what you pay for'. It's no such surprise that a bra for A�15 will have a cheaper material and poorer fit over a A�60 designer bra. Among some of the most prestigious intimate apparel designers are Lise Charmel, Aubade and Marie Jo. At the mid range we have brand such as Wacoal, LingaDore and Lejaby. Then you have the lower budget brands such as Panache, Curvy Kate and Fantasie. Below that are high street store own branded and supermarket products. A large proportion of the top end underwear is made in Europe, most popular locations are France, Italy, Belgium and Holland, although with the increase in young designers from the likes of De Montfort University we are seeing an increasing number of the 'Made in England' Tags. Manufacturing is still an important part of the European economy, and strives to maintain quality, standards and preserve industry ethics to discourage imports. I myself believe that it is important for countries such as ours to maintain independence whilst supporting and promoting areas of growth in our own economy. I believe in fair wages and trading ethically, which is why it is important to know thoroughly the brands that you are working with. There are several key elements to a great lingerie set, but the most important for a truly great quality fitting product are: sound manufacturing (hand made); sourcing quality and suitable fabrics; and research and development, for the perfect fit. Sourcing fabrics is key because certain materials are unsuitable as underwear, but also because wearing something so close against your skin makes you more sensitive. Colours and prints need to be carefully selected to complement a range of skin tones, whilst also allowing women to express themselves. Research and Development, the starting point to any real intimate apparel business. Sure I can choose fabrics I like, not necessarily right for underwear or season, but anyone in theory could have a go. This bit however is the brains behind a successful business in the independents market full of knowledgeable women and the difference between failure and a storming brand that women come back for. Until visiting the offices of Anita in Germany, I really didn't fully comprehend the work that goes into designing and making the perfect fitting bra. Embracing new technology to help women utilise more comfortable cuts or fabrics is also important. In this role designers never stop researching, they leave university, continuing to gather information and work on new solutions for our ever changing bodies and lives. One of the fastest growing retail sectors, designer lingerie is about wanting and expecting so much more, whilst the designers continue to develop new and interesting ways for us to be physically supported and expressive.
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