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Dresses Through The Ages

by:Sunspice      2020-07-08
Every woman's closet in the world has at least one dress. You won't find one without any dresses at all. Dresses are so versatile and be worn as clubwear or to a wedding. For a long time now, people have been trying to decide what is the best dress out there? The answer to this question is really all of them. Dresses are the most favorable thing to wear on any given occasion, because of their versatility and broad range of choices. Any clothing store you walk into will have a variety of dresses for you to choose from, and then some. There is no shortage of dresses in the world. Dresses have been around for centuries. They used to be worn from everyone to the queen down to the servant girl; given they were differently fashioned. Every woman wore them because they were modest and womanly. For hundreds of years, it was only dresses; in different forms. Whether it was a toga, robe, or a gown, women for ages before us had the right idea. In the more recent years, dresses were popular as well among our grandmothers. In the 40's and 50's, they were considered extremely elegant and womanly to wear a dress. Just look at Marilyn Monroe; she was the epitome of fashion and beauty, and there was rarely a time she was not wearing a beautiful dress. She was actually quite famous for that too. There was an era where dresses took a shaking to its pride as it almost went out of style. That is because the 60' and 70's ushered in the hippy and women's lib era. Nobody wanted to look too lady like; as the bell bottoms made their way into history. Of course, there actually were quite some hippies that had the long flowing dresses, but not quite like Marilyn Monroe's. In much more recent years, the dress has made its come back. It is back all right and it came in with a bang. Every movie star and every plain Jane on the block wanted to go out and get a new dress once they made their mark. It has become the most popular item of clothing to wear on any occasion, especially when every famous person you know wears them. Dresses are so versatile, in that you can wear them anywhere you go; and everywhere you go, you will see countless women wearing them. They are great as clubwear, every day activity, or a fancy night out. Whatever it is, wherever it is, there is a perfect dress to wear for it! No store will lack in dresses for you to choose from. There are millions of dresses out there in different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. You name it, it is out there. Every fashion show is modeling hundreds of dresses daily to put on the market, and they will be sold like hot cakes; because this favorite among women has made its way back into our fashion annals, and it is here to stay.
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