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Erotic Lingerie - Why Men Love it and Women Need It

by:Sunspice      2020-05-16
Whether the occasion is a romantic weekend getaway, a night in for two, or to reignite the spark in your relationship, nothing sets the mood like erotic lingerie. What is it about lingerie that both sexes find so seductive? History Of Lingerie But first, why did lingerie turn out the way it has? Many trace the origin to Madame Cadulle, who in Paris in 1889 chopped off her corset just below the bust so she could move more freely. Over the following decades the bra was refined and improved into what we know today. During the sexual revolution in the 1960s, erotic lingerie was born. The days of undergarments restricting and distorting a woman's figure, which they were originally designed to do, came to an end. In it's place lingerie which enhanced and enticed became popular. Today erotic lingerie is part of mainstream life. There is lingerie for all situations and intentions, including lingerie that is padded, gel-filled, air-filled, strapless, and backless. Appeal Of Erotic Lingerie Men like to feel appreciated. Few things are sexier to a man than knowing his partner has gone to the effort to look beautiful and enticing, just for him! And lets not forget the tease. The lure of barely covered flesh is hard to ignore. For women, well selected lingerie leads to confidence that men find irresistible. The combination of confidence, the tease, and the appreciation will lead to a very romantic evening. Shopping Online Buying lingerie can be a daunting and embarrassing experience for most men, and even some women. However there is now an easy solution, buy online! There is a vast range of lingerie available to buy online, with a selection of styles, sizes and colours to suit any lady. Most online stores offer support and advice via email, so if you're stuck, just ask!
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