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Fantasy Halloween Costumes - Tips For Unleashing

by:Sunspice      2020-07-13
The smell of a jack-o-lantern burning, the sound of a doorbell ringing, the sight of an overflowing bowl of candy--all indicators that the fabulous children's holiday Halloween has arrived. Halloween is undoubtedly a children's holiday. But, now more than ever, Halloween has become a holiday enjoyed not only by children but by adults as well for an entirely different set of reasons. It has been said that October 31st is the one day out of the year where inhibitions can be shed and modesty can be put to the side. It is a day in which it is completely socially acceptable to don an outfit you would only dream of wearing in your wildest fantasies. This isn't to say that the remaining 364 days of the year are reserved strictly for turtlenecks and sweaters or long pants and sweatshirts. However, Halloween does give us the opportunity to loosen up a little bit and maybe even show some skin. It allows us to unleash our sexy side and let the sex pot within make an appearance. And, in the grand scheme of things, letting our sex pot out one day of the year may very well lead to her making an appearance more regularly. In this way, October 31st is not only a gateway to the realm of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, but it's also a gateway to the realm of increased sex appeal and sexual confidence. It gives us a great reason us be more adventurous, more self-assured, and more free, which may very well filter down into our everyday lives. So, don't be afraid to let your sex kitten out this Halloween. Here are some tips for creating a sexy Halloween holiday that might just stick with you year round. Fulfill Your Fantasies Halloween provides us with an excellent opportunity to fulfill our fantasies. What character or role have you played in your fantasies? Were you a sexy schoolgirl? A naughty nurse? Maybe you were a mysterious geisha, a sensuous senorita, or a provocative pirate. On this day, you can be whoever you want. You are no longer Jennifer, the accountant. You are now a commanding officer or a sensual maiden. Whatever your fantasy may be, look for a costume that best reflects a character you've fantasized about being. Define Your Style When picking a costume, it is important to know what your style of sexy is. Are you mysterious sexy? Cute sexy? Seductive sexy? Sporty sexy? Knowing what style of sexy you are will help you choose a costume that best matches your underlying sensuality and will help you feel more comfortable in fulfilling your fantasy role. Complement Your Assets Each of us have features that others find attractive. When searching for a costume, it is important to identify your assets and then look for something that will complement those assets. If your legs are your best feature, look for a costume that accentuates your legs. If your bust is your best feature, find a costume that reveals your cleavage. Perhaps you've been told you have a to-die-for derriere. In this case, choose a costume that draws attention to your caboose. Got a nice set of abs? Look for an outfit that reveals your mid drift. Finding a costume that enhances your best features will help you feel more comfortable and more attractive in your costume. Pack a Punch Look for accessories that will really drive home the theme of your costume. This can include finding a pair of shoes that seamlessly match your costume's concept. If you're a sexy cowgirl, grab a pair of cowgirl boots; a ballerina, look for ballerina slippers; a Greek goddess, find a pair of gold gladiator heels, etc, etc. Also, look for stockings, jewelry, gloves, and any other accessories that will complement your outfit and help complete the picture. Get comfortable Before Halloween arrives, try on your costume and get comfortable in it. Nothing diminishes sexiness more than feeling uncomfortable and ill at ease in an outfit. Try on your costume and get used to how it feels on you. Wear it while you do simple pastimes or household chores. Sweep in it, dust in it, read in it. The idea here is to get accustomed to the way it fits on your body. Once you feel that you are comfortable in your costume, find a mirror and admire yourself in it. Admire how the costume accentuates your features and feel free to admit that your look good in it. Then be sure to role play. Watch yourself in the mirror and get comfortable with your new persona. Now that you've found the costume that fulfills your fantasies, represents your style, & accentuates your assets, and you've accessorized and gotten comfortable with your new costume, you're ready to live the fantasy. Get into character and go with it. Enjoy the way it feels to get out of your own skin for a bit. Relish the self-confidence and power that you feel in this new role. Be sure to capitalize on the moment and truly become your fantasy persona. And remember, the more you enjoy the experience, the more likely it is you will take your sexy with you long after Halloween is over.
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