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Honey, Start Their Engines With a Sexy Racer Costume

by:Sunspice      2020-07-14
It is the Halloween Season Halloween is a great holiday. Summer is over and we are right in the middle of fall. The weather is changing and the trees are starting to loose their leaves. The days are getting shorter and we know winter is approaching. And here comes every kid's favorite or second favorite holiday, the candy celebration called Halloween. As a kid we loved dressing up in a costume. Mom would help us with ideas on what to be and together we would come up with the perfect costume. Mom would apply just the right makeup and we were set. Adult Costumes are a Hit Well, sister, those days are over. We are adults now and a costume means buying something online. It is compliments we are after, not candy. We want to walk into a party and have all eyes turn in our direction. Halloween is a night of fun and make believe and why not be the center of attention. Oh, you could pull out the old witch's costume, and buy a new broom. Or the new version of a witch is the pirate wench. Dig up an old red dress, throw on some black boots, and buy a plastic sword. Come on, let's get exciting this year. Do you want to get the attention of the male population of the world? And what do guys like? They like watching sports. So, let's get inside their head and mix our costume with sports and sex. Give the Men What They Want Guys like racing and NASCAR. They will plop down on the coach and watch those cars go in circles for hours on end. And NASCAR has gotten so popular that even the guys who weren't race fans before have jumped on the band wagon. It is a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon ritual. Thank goodness they do not race during the week. So, what's a girl to do? Most of us do not know anything about cars. I can't tell a spark plug from an oil filter. My mom just learned how to pump gas a few years ago. I hear the boys talking about drafting and have no clue what that means. I'm not suggesting we take a crash course on cars and racing. We don't have to get our hands dirty. No, we need to do something just the opposite. We need to find a sexy racer costume. This costume will be the common link that will connect us with the male half of the world. This outfit will let the man in our life know that we want to be involved in his racing world. Or, if you are still hoping that the hot guy in the corner will notice you, this will get the engine started. Trust me on this one. Attention will be no problem. Sexy Racer Costume Most sexy racer costumes come with the same great feature, a zipper on the front. This allows us the freedom between choosing a flash of cleavage, or opening up for a better attention getter. We control the excitement level we want to receive. You will find the costumes choices to be a skirt, long pantsuit or short jumpsuit. And as pretty and hot as these costumes are, you won't be getting sticker shock. Most costumes come in under fifty dollars. If there is a significant other in your life, it will be a lot easier getting him to dress up as Dale, Jr. or Jeff Gordon, than as Fred Flintstone. He may already have everything he needs to put together a costume to go with your hot outfit. You are going to make a lot of points taking this route. Since he may not need to buy anything, there might be enough money left to get a new pair of black boots to complete your costume. So, girls, go for it this Halloween. Show the man in your life, or future man in your life, that you too can be a part of the NACAR world. Get online and pick out the perfect sexy racer costume for you. Where to Find Sexy Costumes
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