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Hot Lingerie: 6 Sex-Boosting Items Of Lingerie

by:Sunspice      2020-06-20
There are a lot of styles of hot lingerie out there and as a lingerie rookie you may have trouble understanding their differences and the right match that can maximize the benefits of wearing them. Some men like watching porn because they're attracted by the fantasy of actresses playing different roles. Hot lingerie is heavily featured, so we know there's a link between it and fantasy. You don't need to be a porn star or anything like it, but by adding some sexy lingerie to your wardrobe you can spice up your sex life by catering to your fella's fantasies. Here, let's talk about 6 items of lingerie to make you look sexier and more alluring so that you can boost the quality of your sex life: 1. Thong Panty. The skimpiest of panties, thongs are great as they eliminate VPL under skinny jeans and dresses. A thong presents the beautiful shape of your hips and bottom in front of him and many girls swear by them for comfort too! Men love them as they're so revealing and sleek! 2. Garter Set. Most men all have a passion for garters. Garters are elastic straps which are attached to sexy stockings and the garter belts worn around the waist, which are usually covered by skirts and cannot be seen. It's their invisible nature that's the very reason to cause men to imagine what you're hiding. Hourglass figures really suit a garter set well, but in general they're great for any in-shape girl as they will show of your hips and legs. 3. Sexy Miniskirt. No ordinary mini, this is a popular piece of hot lingerie and suitable for all figures. They're super short and may cause you to flash your panties and butt a little. This is certain to get men's attention! Completely naked is unaesthetic and on the contrary, a little bit of coverage leaves so much to the imagination that it drives men wild. 4. Sexy Costume. You can play the roles of an air hostess, a nurse, an office lady, a sailor, a policewoman and many more personas by wearing different sexy costumes. Some men have a fetish for certain 'characters,' but for maximum effect it's better to choose one that you like and surprise your man! If you need to add spice to your love-life then sexy costumes are for you! The magic of a costume is that it can make you someone else who you'll never be, so for girls with a lack of confidence you can put one on and then forget your shyness as you slip into character. If you've been together for quite a while and want to freshen things up then costumes are good because it will allow you to present a new side to your guy, as he's been so used to 'you' for so long. This could in fact bring you even closer together! 5. Stockings. Probably the one classic piece of lingerie that you need in your collection no matter your shape. Many men have leg fetish because of them and as you know there are many types from the standard solid color, to fishnets and the like. If you want to go really wild then open-fronted pantyhose are ideal as you don't need to even take them off to get down to business! In general stockings make a woman's skin smooth and burnished, which will accentuate her sexiness. 6. High heels. High heels aren't exactly lingerie, but they go hand-in-hand it! Wearing them can significantly add to your allure because they are the symbol of women. A pair of high heels with straps bound around the ankles will force him to take some time to take them off, heightening his expectations. . . or you could just leave them on! So if you want to boost your sex life or sex up your image then these 6 items of hot lingerie will give you that spicy effect, so try them on and enjoy!
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