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Hot Lingerie: Hot Lingerie For Your Wedding Day

by:Sunspice      2020-05-30
On your wedding day the lingerie that you wear tends to get overshadowed by your wedding dress, but in fact this is the right and appropriate time to wear some really hot lingerie! Most busy women don't have to time to wear hot lingerie on a daily basis, so on this one very special day it's a good opportunity to try it out for once. Your new husband will also love it! Imagine his eyes when you slip out of your beautiful wedding dress and are wearing really sexy, white lingerie beneath it? If you've taken great care to match your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and wedding theme, then it also makes sense to wear some special hot bridal lingerie. The good thing about bridal lingerie is that it will offer superior shaping, support and comfort over a lot of regular hot lingerie which is important on a long wedding day. It also matches wedding dresses well though, and as with all lingerie, if you feel sexy, you feel good! It is important to match your lingerie with your wedding dress as well as your shape and some of the best options are white corsets and bustiers which will generally be invisible under the gown's corset. Choosing bridal hot lingerie without straps is doubly important given the modern vogue for strapless wedding gowns. Bras for a strapless or off-the-shoulder wedding dress If you are wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder wedding gown then you should pay attention to your choice of bra. Strapless bras will always be a nice, unobtrusive option, but can suffer from lack of support; especially if you're a larger busted bride! You could therefore consider a bustier, which is also strapless but has in-built cups to offer a lot of support and cleavage. As they also cover your midriff they will additionally offer a bit of a slimming effect which many brides like. Bras for a backless wedding dress This is a tricky dress to cater for bra-wise. Really you're going to need an adhesive, or sticky bra. Brides with smaller to medium busts (A to C) will benefit from a nu-bra which is a stick on silicon cup which offers totally invisible support. If you're bigger though you run the risk of falling out of this kind of bra, so your option would be a strapless bra which hooks along your waist. Panties Of course comfort is paramount here. If you wouldn't usually wear a thong, then don't start today as you'll feel uncomfortable! Luckily there are a lot of types of hot lingerie, especially panties,which are both invisible and comfortable. If you're body-conscious then you may also consider body-shaping underwear like spanx, as these will actually suck in your tummy and bottom, giving yo a good, VPL free shape (but be warned, these may not always look sexy). Tights and garter It's traditional to wear a garter, so why not wear tights and garters? Of course white is appropriate as with all hot lingerie worn on a wedding day. Just make sure that your garter isn't going to bulge and show beneath your dress and that your tights aren't too constricting as they may cut into your legs during a long day!
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