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How Should You Wear Your Bra

by:Sunspice      2020-06-16
It's an odd question, right? Which woman does not really know how to wear their bra? Unfortunately some of us really don't. The biggest reason is, we are fooled by the packaging they come. By packaging, I mean a gorgeous looking, beautiful bra, which won't fit us as it should. Think of a woman who loves triangle shaped unwired bras and unfortunately has big breasts. Wearing a triangle shaped bra might not be the best option for her at all. It is really important to wear the right bra, because it will boost your confidence more than you can think. You shouldn't go out there and buy a bra just because you think it looks sexy. What you should be looking for, is the bra that will boost your sex appeal. After explaining this, I'm gonna give you some tips on how you should wear your bra. The most important thing you should be careful, is the bra straps. When you buy a new bra, the first thing you should do is, to adjust the bra straps. If you mistakenly bought the wrong size of a bra, the bra straps are gonna make you uncomfortable. Believe me wearing a wrong size bra, won't make you look sexy or beautiful. If your shoulders have red marks on them, it is probably because of your bra straps. You should slightly loosen the straps so it won't hurt you. Also, you have to wear the right cup size too. If your breasts are forced over the top of the cup, it means this bra is not the right one for you. You should get 1 or 2 size bigger cup. Some of you can think, this is a sexy way to wear a push-up bra, but it isn't. It will only look like you have squeezed your breasts. A right cup size bra should cover at least half of your bra. Of course, it depends on the style of your bra too. If you want to enhance your neckline, you should wear one of the balconette style bras. Wearing this style will help you show some curly shape which is gonna make you look more sexy. You can even add some padding at the sides, if your bra allows that. One other thing you should be careful is, not to wear your bra everyday. Most of us doesn't know that, but it will destroy your bra in time and I'm sure you don't want that to happen. Even if you wear your favorite bra for 1 day, you should always wash it. This subject is really important than most of you think because, you can't wear your bra the right way, if you don't take care of them. Handwash all of your delicate intimates and let them air dry. Putting them in to drying machine or washing them in hot water will give the most damage to them.
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