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How to Choose Lingerie That Looks Sexy on You

by:Sunspice      2020-05-11
Romantic evening with your beloved... You've been planning it for ages- food, wine, candles, music... There's just one more thing to decide on- the right lingerie! Easy-peasy? It should be, in theory. You want to add sophistication and sparkle to the evening and make sure you feel just as fabulous as you look. He might not know the difference between a bustier and a corset, but he will definitely sense if you feel comfortable and confident, and we all have hang-ups, even if we don't admit to them! So how do you choose the right lingerie sets to flatter your figure and boost your confidence? Below are the main aspects you should consider: Colour. The right colour will enhance your natural beauty and not distract from it. You want to look healthy as opposed to washed out! Some colours can be worn by all, for example a pastel pink baby doll will look cute and flirty with any complexion! You can also play around with two toned lingerie sets. If your bottom is a little heavy, a light coloured top coupled with a dark bottom will create this proportional, lean look with the main focus on breasts. To do this you should try mixing different bra and knicker sets. If you're not sure which colour to choose, go for black! You can't go wrong with a black bustier, teddy or a baby doll. If your budget is tight, you can be sure that black will add luxury touch and feel to cheap lingerie. Texture. Feminine lace, sexy satin, sumptuous silk, flirty mesh or a mix of all- what is your fabric of preference? If you want lingerie that is forgiving to your imperfections, comfortable, sexy and feminine, you quickly realise that lace has it all! In lace nightwear, you can be completely 'covered up', but oh, so seductive! If comfort and luxury feel are the most important factors, you should consider satin and silk. Silk is more expensive than satin and always associated with luxury lingerie, but both fabrics are very soft and will be a great choice for a sensual is a versatile, very soft fabric and depending on its' density, and the number of layers- it can be quite revealing or masking. In a mesh baby doll, teddy or a chemise you can be sure to feel comfortable and look flirty! Style. You want to choose a style that will enhance your best features, while hiding and distracting from your less favourite parts. Again, this is not as easy as it seems. We know only too well, that when wearing lingerie, we are completely exposed to the scrutiny of the most demanding audience... our own eyes! Those eyes can see every single imperfection, real or not, but with the right lingerie style, you can cheat the audience and achieve your dream look! Choose a chemise or a baby doll if you want to cover up you belly and hips. Go for a corset or a bustier if you want to enhance or create the illusion of a slimmer waist. If you're feeling more confident to show off more flesh, try a classic bra and knicker set. Have you ever looked at teddies? There are so many different styles allowing you to show off as much or as little as you want! One more thing... After considering the three main points above you should have very little trouble and a lot of fun looking for the perfect lingerie. Remember that the special person you're doing this research and purchase for, loves you and finds you beautiful, and sexy, no matter what lingerie you wear. Make sure you feel good in your nightwear, because confidence is sexy!
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