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How to Pick a Unique Halloween Costume

by:Sunspice      2020-06-23
Choosing an ideal Halloween costume could take days, weeks or even months. Choosing the ideal costume presents a challenge for many people, particularly those who are looking to stand out from the rest of the crowds. Halloween is one of the few times per year that we can truly express ourselves and our creativity through the selection of our own costume. But, how do you pick a unique costume? Choose a Theme The first step in choosing a Halloween costume is to consider possible themes. Do you want to be sexy? Do you want to choose costumes which match or compliment for both you and your Halloween date? Do you want to model a movie or T.V. character? Children often choose their costumes to resemble their favourite toy or character, while adults often expand their selections to a much broader scale. The sky is the limit when choosing a theme. To get your creative juices flowing, look online through costume shops, last year's pictures or through theatre companies for ideas. To choose something unique, stay away from mainstream ideas such as devils, witches, characters or popular celebrities. Here are some possible creative costume ideas: o movie or T.V. characters o inanimate objects- laundry basket, other household products o fantasy characters o dead anything o Era costumes- 70's, 80's, 90's o pageant queens o pair of dice o pile of leaves o road kill As you can see, virtually any item, person, character or even era can be turned into a creative Halloween costume. Try on Costumes Once you have narrowed down several possible themes, schedule time to try on costumes. This is important, as costumes you believe will look and feel great may not once you have them on. You can visit traditional Halloween costume stores, or you can turn to theatre costume shops which are typically open year round. For something more unique, look through costume rentals, as you may be able to either choose something off the rack, or with the help of the store clerk, you may be able to put something together which is truly unique and personalized to your taste. Make your Own If you are unable to find the perfect costume online or in a retail store, consider making your own. You can buy patterns to create your own costume at a fabric store, or you can even be creative with items around your house if you are not particularly crafty. If you have run out of time and are searching for a quick costume idea, consider being autumn leaves by sewing them on a sweatshirt and pants, an artist if you have supplies around the house, or making a sexy costume with some of your own lingerie. Finding or creating your own unique Halloween costume can be done! Simply spend time considering what image you would like to represent on the holiday, and either search for the perfect match, or create it.
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