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How To Shop For Womens Plus Lingerie

by:Sunspice      2020-07-01
Over the past decade, the womens plus lingerie market has absolutely exploded. Women who wear plus size lingerie have more beautiful, glamorous options available to them than ever before. Thanks in part to television personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, plus-size women are no longer limited to granny panties and garish mu-mu style nightgowns. Womens plus lingerie has truly come into its own, and the offerings are sexy and smoldering. The key to finding womens plus lingerie that truly flatters the figure is to realize and accept one simple fact: the styles that look most appealing on curvier figures are rarely the same styles that look good on waif-thin models. While this may be a difficult statement for some to accept, it is absolutely essential. Plus-sized women often look incredible in retro- or vintage-inspired fashions, in terms of both lingerie and outerwear. These styles were invented when the average woman was curvier; these garments work with the natural peaks and valleys of a rubenesque physique and do not try to flatten or minimize them. Consider luxurious satin bras and panties that match in a jewel tone shade; tap or tanga panties, which offer fuller coverage, look amazing and sexy without revealing too much. A garter belt and set of heels may complete the look; however, take care that both the belt and the stockings are the correct size. Too-small stockings will create unattractive folds and dimples on the inner thighs, and a lingerie garter belt that is the wrong size will have a similar effect on the stomach or waist. A word must also be said here about footwear in the boudoir: it is crucial to choose a slipper or pump whose heel is proportionate to your calf size, both in height and thickness. Women with slim calves can look amazing in a furred bedroom slipper with a short, tiny kitten heel; however, these slippers will only make a thick leg look even heavier. If you have large calves consider a heel that is both higher and a bit wider; the height of the heel will visually lengthen your leg. Staying with the vintage aesthetic, consider a babydoll chemise or satin nightgowns. The babydoll is a style with an empire waist that is frequently split down the middle; find one with molded cups to give extra support and cleavage to the breasts and draw the eye upward, away from the tummy area. No vintage look is complete without attention to hair and makeup; consider creating soft curls with heated curlers, or brushing your hair into a high ponytail. Red lipstick and a black cat eye complete the look. Another option many women love is a camisole and tap pant set, again in an inviting fabric. Whenever possible, try these on before purchase; they must be loose enough to remain comfortable while you toss and turn in the middle of the night. Buy fabrics that have a degree of stretch to them; both cotton/ spandex and satin/spandex blends are widely available and are much more comfortable than fabrics without any give. The Internet is a treasure trove of inspiration for women's plus lingerie. Before you head to the mall, fire up your browser and have a look at all of the stunning offerings that are currently available in extended sizes.
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