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Indulge in the Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costumes

by:Sunspice      2020-06-28
Ah, fantasies. From the exotic to the sweet or even scary, we all love to experience that ecstasy sensation that makes our heart beat wild and puts the curl in our toes. Chocolate, candles and stiletto heels definitely set the mood, but why not bring the fantasy to life with a costume? And with Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to indulge in a sexy costume for your special someone. Everyone has that fetish that makes them tick and go weak in the knees. Check out the top five sexy costumes for women that have been providing entertainment for years and will continue to make temperatures rise. 5. Sailor Ahoy matey, all hands on deck! Sexy sailor costumes have been floating through minds since the 1940s. Nautical outfits are a fun way to get the boat or party rocking and with historical pin-up girl costumes and modern styles to choose from, you'll get a look that won't leave you stranded alone on an island. 4. School Girl Naughty school girls have been on the minds of boys in detention long before the first bell rang. But it wasn't until Britney Spears shimmed her way onto the scene that school girl costumes hit the main halls and created chemistry in the brains of even good boys. A sexy Catholic school girl uniform is sure to get you an 'A+' in any class. 3. Nurse You can't play doctor without a sexy nurse costume! A naughty nurse uniform is the best medicine for healing broken hearts and provides great private care. Nurse costumes are a timeless sexy look for Halloween and will always get pluses racing. 2. Police A dirty cop costume will stop traffic during rush hour any day! With fun accessories to choose from, like handcuffs and whistles, sexy police costumes make excellent cop and robber costumes for couples. Women's police officer uniforms are also a classic Halloween costume that will never go out of style and draws the bad boys to you. 1. French Maid Ooh la la, there's nothing like getting dirty while keeping it clean! French maids are the ultimate fantasy and have become a sexy costume icon throughout the world. Lined with lace and a feather duster, sexy French maid costumes are ready to fluff pillows and ruffle sheets. French maids first appeared in the nineteenth century when it was popular for wealthy Europeans to have a maid from France. Often, these maids were young and beautiful. They were always in attendance and had access to intimate items and places, like the bedroom, thus creating a sexual lure that continues to exist today. The signature black and white French maid uniform has definitely changed over the years from a conservative dress to one with a dipping neckline and a short cut. It's not clear where the uniform came from, but some theories suggest it was inspired by burlesque and drama theater and the stereotype that the French are a highly sexualized culture. You can never go wrong with a hot French maid costume for Halloween. However, there are many other reasons to get your cute French maid uniform out of the closet. Dress up as Fifi the French Maid for your next adult costume party, add a little spice to the bedroom, entertain dinner guests with a French inspired menu or even encourage him to help clean around the house.
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