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Intimate Clothing - Corsets and Bustiers Add Spice

by:Sunspice      2020-06-11
A corset: I know it may seem a bit antiquated; perhaps it seems a bit too naughty. It may even seem a bit too self-serving. But that any one of these reasons and certainly all three are all the more reason you need to buy a corset for this holiday season. Now it matters not whether you are going to be the one wearing it or whether your partner will be. Because you are adding corsets to your play time interaction you have with that special someone in your life is all the reason in the world. Let's look at this concept of antiquity. That's what's hot! Suddenly this thing that you aren't familiar with is a conduit for mystery and fun. Can't we all use a little mystery in our lives? Mystery making corsets can introduce the whole notion of role play. Suddenly the person wearing it isn't who she used to be. Instead she is (safely) someone else and now both of you get to play the field a little bit while in actuality keeping things right at home-just not too familiar. Imagine this 'new', anonymous person feels safe to explore new areas and create new excitement. This person is ready to go places where the two of you haven't gone before. It works whether you or your significant other is the new person! Naughty? Of course it's naughty! We have seen the movies and we have read the stories. Of course it is very naughty and that is a part of the point. Naughty always feels better and you want to feel better. Corsets bring up images of bondage maybe. Or perhaps it fosters a sense of piety and proper behavior that must be overcome and conquered for the sake of your mutual enjoyment. Or maybe this corset will create that Victorian look that feminizes in such an intriguing way. New femininity fuels the fires that you have been longing to burn. There is no better way to get your logs burning this holiday season. Finally, the purchase of corsets is self-serving, but in a good way. Sometimes a person just has to be like that. But don't be worried about it. In your being self-serving, your partner gets equally served. The eroticism that this finely crafted corset will bring will send you both absolutely into orbit. Your engine is started just by the thought of it and then your partner gets started once it's on. Two roaring hot engines and one corset can't be a recipe for anything but a very good time! This is no longer a choice for you. Regardless of where you and your lover are in your relationship, this is an opportunity to take it higher. You won't be forgotten for this little gesture either. The very same feelings that corsets generate will be carried over into the next adventure. After this, what in the world will your partner have in store for you? It remains to be seen. But rest assured it's well worth the effort.
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