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Kitty Cat Costume - Sexy Adult and Kids Kitty

by:Sunspice      2020-07-14
Not sure what to be for Halloween this year? Well, look no further. Forget the witches, mummies and mask costumes. One costume that never gets old is a Halloween kitty cat costume. Sure to be a hit for any Halloween occasion and can be modified for any age - young or old, sexy or cute! Halloween Kitty Cat Costume This is a timeless costume and can be suited for all ages. For the younger girls, you can easily get rid of the sex appeal that the kitty cat costume can have. Use toned down make up (or none at all). Use black tennis shoes instead of something with a heel. For the adults out there, you can increase the steamy factor and have a naughty kitty cat. A low-cut leotard, sheer nylons and high heels will surely make a great impression. Add some smoky eye shadow to complete your look. For those worried about duplication - don't! If someone else is a cat too, it just means you both have great taste. Halloween Black Cat It is a popular costume, and no cat ever looks the same. If you are worried, change it up to make it unique to your taste. You can be striped, black, white, or orange - the list is endless. Beyond being a great look, this costume is also popular because you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look amazing. Especially if you are in a crunch, it can be made with things you already have at home. The Halloween kitty cat costume is sure to be a hit for your Halloween night- and is a great choice for your costume this year or next, and for many years to come. It is a timeless classic and can make any woman feel beautiful. So let your inner cat loose and have fun!
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