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Meaning of Lingerie

by:Sunspice      2020-05-24
Lingerie is a word, which is referred to in the English language as the undergarments of women. This term is actually a French term, which is used generically for the reference of the undergarments and that is only the real use of the word. In English language its usage is related to the garments, which are related to the enhancement of the figure of the female and they are of different types ranging from the economical class to the high cost. The lingerie is worn inside our garments and is not visible to the common people and they come in different types making the female look attractive, seductive and even sex appealing. Besides their attraction they are worn for ease and they should be such that it should provide comfort to the female. Lingerie word comes from the Latin origin and lineus a Latin word meaning manufactured from linen and basically the lingerie was manufactured from cotton or linen, but now due to a huge variety available it's material differs and the assorted undergarments have been used by both women and men since ages. Previously the use of lingerie was for the purpose of insulation or for the coverage of the private parts, but now its purpose has been changed form just insulation to modesty. It used to quite simple basically, but now a huge variety of lingerie is available starting from simple to sexy lingerie, bridal lingerie and so on. The sexy lingerie is basically sex appealing and it is basically designed to give a sexy looks to the female and it sexually attracts a female towards the male and further bridal lingerie is the one, which the bride keeps in her collection and, which is specially designed for the bride and it is available in different pieces.
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