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Metal Handcuffs in Your Bedroom - Pros and Cons

by:Sunspice      2020-07-29
So you want to add something spicy in your bedroom activities? An easy and affordable way is bondage, and if you have been here for a while you probably already are thinking about police handcuffs. You've seen it in the movie, in the movie, right. People are playing with cuffs in lot of classical films so this is already some kind of cliche, but nevertheless it's worth trying for yourself. If you've also seen some bdsm erotic video you should have mentioned many Masters and Mistresses using the leather handcuffs. Why is that? Bear in mind that metal handcuffs are not an instant sex booster, and it's better to think it through before purchasing metal handcuffs. Pros They look really sexy and if you show them to your partner there will be no misunderstanding about your intensions. Metal handcuffs are extremely easy to handle and store and they will last probably could leave them as part of your inheritance. Now handcuffs are simply a must have for anyone who's into BDSM or just kinky sex. You can argue, but it's a symbol, not just a metal restraint. Cons Metal can hurt skin tissue or cut the blood circulation if you push the cuffs too hard and leave them locked tight. Check if handcuffs have double locking system and use. Cuffs, especially the ones used by police are made of high quality metal so losing a key is a really bad idea. Waiting for a locksmith naked and bound is not the best way of spending Friday night. Always have a spare key stored in a secure, easy to reach place. So... I recommend using metal handcuffs for role-play and avoid using them in the sessions where the bound partner has to stay or move in inconvenient poses for a long time. Remember, safety is one of the main issues in any BDSM related activity.
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