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Nice to Meet You - We Are Your Neighbors

by:Sunspice      2020-08-06
Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are your neighbors. We are your typical cul-de-sac couple with two kids, a dog, two cats, an SUV (with a third row seat for more kids), a mortgage for a home that is clearly too large for us and neighbors that all fit pretty much the same profile. We spend our days taking kids to and from school, violin and soccer and our weekends working in the yard in a never ending attempt to keep up with our ever growing lawn. For the most part, we are pretty much like everyone else in our little slice of suburbia. We have a pretty normal life with our fair share of stress and responsibilities. We love each other and our kids and work very hard to keep life as simple as possible for all of us. Just like any couple, we have our little secrets and guilty pleasures. Although, we wonder if any or which of our neighbors share our particular style of adventure. You see, when time and opportunity permit (which is very rare these days) we have been known to dabble in sensual adventures with other couples, females and sometimes males. We have experienced everything from group sex and threesomes to lifestyle mixers or private 'Swing' (we hate this term) parties. We have picked up random strangers at bars, strip clubs and once a crew member on a cruise ship. While we are at it, let's add to the list. We have spent weekends at nudist resorts with our dear friends that we met at a nude beach (by the way, we have never slept with them nor would we). We have attended nude dances which ironically are populated with people decorated in some form of clothing, dangling item or flashing light. If you have never been to a nude resort, do it. It may not always be sexy but it will absolutely be entertaining. We have hosted our own lifestyle mixers for groups as large as 300 people. We have asked random strangers to fly across the country to meet us and 150 other random strangers in one of America's great cities for a weekend of even more random events and eventual random sexual escapades. We have at times been the faces of The Lifestyle in our little piece of this crazy reality which was part ego boost and just as big a part absolutely exhausting and totally non-sexy. Along the way, we have had some amazing experiences bracketed by an entire series of completely unexpected and often unpleasant situations that after a little distance are totally hilarious. Through all of it we have learned that dabbling in sensual adventure is as one wise couple once told us, a 'process' that is full of missteps but also just as many great memories and experiences. For every bad experience there have been so many great people and opportunities to explore our relationship, life and yes a lot of very sexy bodies. What is even more astonishing is that all of this has happened without a single one of our friends, neighbors or family figuring it out or at least letting on that they have. From their perspective we are just one of the neighbors which is exactly how we want it to be. Of course this dual reality is often as frustrating as it is exciting. Yes, we love being Batman and Robin secretly shaving our genitals in the Bat Cave. At the same time, we often yearn to live out loud and come out of the cave to share what we feel is a world of fun, open and genuine people who for the most part have beautiful relationships and great sex to go with it. We chose this outlet as way to share with others who are also living in suburbia with a sexy little secret or just the desire to have one. It is our hope that through sharing our past, current and future experiences whether they be good, bad or just funny that others might see that our path although not for all, is valid and genuine. Who knows, maybe our neighbors are reading this article and thinking to themselves... hmmm? Are they? Could they be? We do it all of the time and of course we think that any couple that lives in the burbs, looks hot and stays in shape is 'on the team'. Of course they probably aren't. Although, there are a few that we wish were. With that we will say that it has been a pleasure introducing ourselves to you. We are happy to be your neighbors on the cul-de-sac. Come by for a beer sometime and we can talk about absolutely none of what we just wrote.
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