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Obtaining the Perfect Tan

by:Sunspice      2020-06-11
We all want a fabulous, even golden tan at some stage throughout the year and obtaining it is no mean feat. While from time to time beauty magazines insist that porcelain white is more fashionable, not only do very few of us actually have pure, perfect white skin, but the fact of the matter is that we all look better sun-kissed. Now obviously the tone of tan is everything: if Essex tangerine just isn't desirable anymore, a natural tan can exude the appearance of health. There's a ritual that should be followed to obtain the best tan and it goes something like this: Pre-prep Exfoliate the whole of your body and face before you sunbathe: nobody wants dark knees or anywhere else you may have dry bits. Build up a regular regime of exfoliation and carry it on while you're on holiday. If you don't exfoliate regularly usually you may find that you have to start with a more rigorous treatment from a therapist then work down to something that is manageable yourself. Hydrate the Skin Keeping the skin moisturised is the secret to maintaining elasticity. They say that olive oil is the best moisturiser for skin - both in terms of eating it and using it on your body, too. If this is a little too home-made for you, there's an enormous selection of creams on the market, almost all of which are scented with essences which smell good enough to eat. Protect Protection-wise, don't ever use under SPF15 - and really you shouldn't consider under SPF20. The sun ages your skin and unless you want to pay for chemical peels when you're older, stick to high SPF factors and stay out of the sun when it's at its hottest. Another tip is to put your suntan lotion on and wait for 30 minutes before going out in the sun. This lets it be absorbed by the skin properly. Also, ensure you have covered your whole body properly including under your swimwear. How many times have you seen people with burn lines outlining their swimwear? Sunbathing To go topless or not to go topless? That is the question. And the answer is: it's completely up to you and how comfortable you feel in your surroundings. If obtaining as few tan lines as possible is the main priority, then serious consideration needs to be given to your choice of swimwear. Beaches are fine - going topless is almost always acceptable - but at certain hotels it's not polite. Obviously, if you're going to a private villa then go for it. After all, there's nothing better than swimming naked.
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