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Outlandish But Sexy Valentines Costumes

by:Sunspice      2020-04-20
So Halloween is usually the one holiday where women like to be a little more risque and uninhibited when it comes to what they wear. After all, its supposed to be a costume anyway. Most of these, like guy's costumes, fall into some pretty predictable areas. Still, human ingenuity never ceases to amaze so check out a few of these really out there examples of Valentines costumes. Iron Man Yea, Iron man is probably one of the least feminine super heroes yet we've figured out a way to make Iron man into a costume for a girl complete with red mini-skirt and head piece. Don't ask me how people are going to be able to tell this is Iron Man though. Big Bird Big Bird is supposed to be for kids to learn their ABCs! Now its also for women who want to flaunt their stuff but without the gigantic bird costume. The only thing massive about this costume is the amount of imagination it takes away. Ninja Turtle Everybody's favorite Pizza scarfing turtles are now back but instead of a turtle shell and martial arts equipment, this one wears a tight suit and extremely low cleavage. The Ninja Turtles have never looked this good and we can't wait for Sexy Shredder! I think the moral of the story is it doesn't matter what the theme is, people will figure out a way to turn it into sexy costumes for occasions like Halloween and Valentines Day. Even if they're a little on the unconventional side...
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