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Santa Outfit Gone Sexy

by:Sunspice      2020-07-16
So you want to be Santa's sexy helper, eh? Well, what better way to turn up the volume on some Christmas spirit than by dressing up in a sexy Santa outfit? You'll bring cheer to all those who come near in, what has become, one of the hottest holiday outfits you can own for the season. We're not talking about anything that remotely resembles the old classic St. Nick outfits that you've seen some guy donning on the street corner, taking charity for a good cause. The evolution of what we used to think of a Santa costume has been nothing short of astounding over the last few years. In step with many other facets of society, the contemporary versions of the Santa Costume have begun to be taken over by women, sans the bushy white eyebrows and beard. Quite the contrary to the warm, elderly man covered by red and white from head to toe, today, Santa has gone sexy, and some might even say; downright risqu?�. A hot selling Santa outfit today is sexy and revealing, featuring such stripper-inspired fashion components as a crop top, bustier, mini dress, micro mini skirt, booty short, bra and even a thong panty! If you look hard enough, you may even find that Santa has gone burlesque with red sequined pasties and/or open bust bustiers. That brings us to the fact that, although there are still the quintessential Christmas themed boudoir sets featuring a sexy Santa lingerie costume or two, the lines are definitely blurring between what is 'club' sexy and what used to be considered lingerie. Judging by what is currently acceptable to wear to Christmas club parties, a sexy Santa outfit is no exception to the blurring of these fashion lines. There are those who will argue that party goers dressing up in Sexy Santa outfits are just using Christmas as an excuse, as Bill Maher best put it: 'to dress up like a hooker.' In the end, the fun and excitement that comes with dressing up sexy for the holidays adds beauty and happiness to the celebration. Isn't that what Christmas is all about, anyway? Bringing joy to the world? Much of the fun had in dressing up sexy like Santa for Christmas is shopping for the sexiest Santa helper outfit that is flattering to your figure and acceptable to wear in the environment that you will be wearing it in. We suggest starting your quest early enough (November) to get the best fitting Santa outfit in time for your celebrations. You can use social shopping networks to share your finds and/or, of course, get opinions on your ideas on Facebook or other social network so that you feel confident in your final selection. Sexy Santa costumes can run anywhere from $35 USD to $250 USD, depending upon the design, fabric and availability and can be worn for Halloween, Mardi Gras and 'Christmas in July' party celebrations as well. Even if you don't plan to party or go clubbing as a Sexy Santa this year, you may want to celebrate the holidays in a more intimate way at home with some enticing Santa lingerie outfits. Sexy Santa lingerie collections now include everything from sheer Santa Babydolls to Crotchless Panties with Jingle Bells! Warm nights at home are sometimes more fun and preferable, even if nobody but your partner sees just how sexy you are as Santa! As Maria Carey said: 'I always get Santa lingerie, even if nobody sees it.'
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