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Sensual Massage

by:Sunspice      2020-05-17
A beautiful, strong relationship takes a lot of work. Sometimes though, simple things mean so much. A special weekend, attention to detail- like her favourite movie, some champagne, flowers and a wonderful sensual massage. The combination is simple enough that it will require next to nothing effort but potent enough to get you the best results - the glow on her face for starters. Foreplay is an indispensable part of sexual chemistry but it is sad how many people do not remember this. In fact sometimes the anticipation is much more gratifying and results in better sex. Foreplay Ideas: • There are literally so many and then there are combinations that we can experiment with. To whisper sweet nothings in her ears is such a clich?�, right? Yet to start sweet and then build on to heated, sizzling sultry comments can be such a turn on. Try it! • We are so spoilt for choice when it comes to erotic lingerie and yet it is a sure fire way to spike up his blood pressure. Corsets and innocent lace teddies, you can play up the character that you want to be. Pick from sultry temptress to the shy innocent. • Actually role playing is a big turn on as well. Going out for drinks or a date and playing with her interest, arousing her with casual touches, heated looks and too light kisses. End the evening with a sensual massage and watch her turn literally into putty in your hands. Also, remember you get her to return the gesture sometime in the future! • Humour can be an aphrodisiac. Surprised? Just incorporate it in your foreplays and you will be amazed by how much you enjoy it yourself as well. • Sex games can be fun and big turn on. Try blindfolding her and play with her senses or better still take out a pack of cards and hit some strip poker perhaps! It will be a great blend of humour and sexual playfulness. • In fact blending in various activities is a very good idea. Alternating the mood between arousal, humour, love and passion keeps the attraction on its toes and zings up your physical experience like nothing else can. These experiences are the beautiful part of the whole relationship so it should be treated like that. Do not create undue pressures on your partner and definitely not on yourself. Go on a ride but do not over expect or over analyse. There are bound to be slip ups and mistakes. It is alright. Absolutely natural. Remember to relax and enjoy the experience. It does not have to be pressured and hyper. In fact it is meant to be therapeutic and fun. So jazz up your life with these tips and make it a point to be creative and caring at the same time.
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