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Sexy Costume Basics For Halloween and Beyond

by:Sunspice      2020-06-20
Costumes are extremely popular for Halloween and other events, and some people prefer to dress in sexy costumes. For some people this is almost a traditional, while for others it is either new or an occasional thing. Here are some real basics that can help you pick an appropriate sexy costume. First of all, you can purchase a commercial sexy costume and there are plenty of options available, or you can assemble one from garments you own or even make a custom one. Assembling from clothes you already have is a simple cheap and fun option. You do need to decide what the costume will be for and how you'll use it. You could for example dress as a mermaid or genie almost any time of the year, for example a costume party in July. If you are dressing as a witch however you will usually be sticking to Halloween. A non Halloween themed costume will be more flexible and you may get much more use out of it. One big question is how much skin are you comfortable showing. Costumes can be very revealing, but alternately costumes do not need to be revealing to be sexy. You need to dress within your own comfort level, and also think about where you'll be wearing it. Obviously different attire is appropriate for a daytime children's costume party than an at night adults only party. Also will the party be inside or out? At an outdoors party it can be quite chilly at certain times of the year and if you have to cover up your costume to stay warm it will not achieve the desired effect. A costume can however be both sexy and warm and appropriate for outdoors. How many times do you plan on wearing it? Will it just be once, or maybe several times, perhaps to a few seasonal parties or maybe even become part of your standard wardrobe and worn perhaps a couple times a year for almost ever? It's worth investing in a quality outfit if you're going to wear it many times. That cheap and skimpy witch costume from the discount store is simply not going to last! When buying a commercial costume you can ask store employees for advice or when shopping online read reviews. Also make sure you pick a costume that is flattering. Different types will flatter different people, and one of the choices of buying in person is the ability to try them on.
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