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Sexy Costumes and Bedroom Games

by:Sunspice      2020-04-13
Sexy costumes have a huge role to play in making a lot of people awed by your innate sensuality. Be it a lingerie or any other smartly revealing dress; there is something mysterious and beautiful about the way you carry yourself in that outfit. It does not only mean that you have to flaunt your attire only for events like parties, social meets or other public event. You can also experiment with sensuous attire for role-playing at the bedroom with your spouse. To enhance your sex life, it is better to be creative with your clothes. To make love in the nude may be a highly interesting thing in the beginning when you see each other in the buff for the first few occasions but then the novelty wears off, especially for men who are visual by nature. To keep the mood electric forever, you should experiment with your clothes while love-making. By now, you may have realized that you should refrain from being totally nude rightaway while making out. Create the right stir by making use of sexy costumes and vivid role-play. This will definitely heighten the love-making process and keep the magic going on for a long time. Create scenarios and wear the right costume that suits the mood. For instance, you can choose to be a damsel in distress, wear the dress of a princess from the Victorian era or simply the costume of a sexy nurse or of a non non-sense teacher. Of course, you can ask your husband or partner also about his fantasies and what his preferences lie in, and then accordingly play along. You can choose to seduce or be seduced according to what kind of role-play and sexy costume you wear. For instance, if you are wearing the costume of a damsel in distress or a Kate Winslet like costume from the Titanic movie, you can play the vulnerable, coy girl and let your partner do the honors. If you wear the sexy costume of a strict teacher, you can make use of a whip and let his school boy fantasies come alive. With the right mix of dresses and role-playing imagination, there can be a lot of spice in your sex life.
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