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Sexy Costumes For Women - How to Have Fun and

by:Sunspice      2020-04-16
Looking for some ideas for having some erotic fun with sexy costumes? Maybe you have never tried them out before. If this is the case, here are some tips to help you look your best. Tip #1 - Make Sure it Fits Right - Never try to buy a smaller size. Get a costume that fits right or you will look stuffed into the costume. There is a difference between sexy tight and a costume that is so tight it looks horrid. Tip #2 - Do Your Hair - Don't forget your hair. Style your hair to go with the costume you choose. Tip #3 - Add Makeup - Since you are playing a part in a fantasy, make sure you add makeup to add to the costume so you stay in character. Tip #4 - Accessorize - The costume won't do it all for you. Accessorize with jewelry, props, sexy shoes, and anything else that will add to the costume. Now that you've gotten the idea of how to look awesome, let's take a look at how you can really have some fun with these sexy costumes. Have a costume night once a month. If you both enjoy fantasies and costumes, plan a night each month where you try out a different one. Try naughty nurse costumes one month, maybe a French maid one month, and then go for the school girl costume for a month. Let him help you pick. Get your husband involved. Sit down together and pick out costumes that the two of you like, then save up and buy some of them. You are going to love all romantic and hot times you'll have! So what's your favorite? The naughty nurse? The school girl costume? Maybe a French maid? With all the choices, you'll never get bored.
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