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Sexy Fancy Dress For Curvy Women

by:Sunspice      2020-04-18
Fancy dress is the ideal opportunity to try something new and different and to go for a look that is much more sexy and flirty than you would normally dare to wear. It can be frustrating as most of the sexy fancy dress costumes are made for a size 10 but there are some beautiful and sexy costumes available for larger sizes. If you can't find the costume you want in your size then make your own. Some of the ideas below are available to buy as costumes and some you can make yourself using a couple of key items such as a frilly blouse and a corset or waspie along with items from your own wardrobe. The great thing is that there are plenty of fancy dress costume ideas that really will help to bring out the best in anyone. So here are some of my top picks for costumes for women with curves. 1. Burlesque Costumes - Burlesque through the ages has always been about entertainment, looking sexy and emphasizing the figure. If you look at some of the showgirls of the time there was never any suggestion that they had to be a size 10! The key feature of a burlesque costume is the corset which will highlight the bust and hips and pull in the waist. If you have great legs then wear a short frilly skirt and fishnet tights, if you are conscious of your legs then wear a longer skirt with a bustle. Either way you'll look fabulous. 2. Pin Up Girl - this is pretty similar to the burlesque theme in many ways but think more Betty Boop or Marilyn Monroe - sexy dresses, feather boas, bright red lipstick, anything that gives that sleek look. 3. Saloon girl - there are some fantastic saloon girl costumes available. Many have long, full skirts and they are all figure hugging, flaunty and fun! 4. Can-can dancer - check out the Moulin Rouge movie for some great ideas. Similar to the saloon girl look but these legs are made for dancing! The skirts have fabulous frills and ruffles and help you wiggle while you walk. 5. Pirate Wench - a frill necked shirt under a waistcoat or even a waspie waist cincher will give you that buxom pirate wench look. Team this with knickerbockers or simple black trousers and you're ready to go marauding! 6. French Maid - you can't go wrong with the French maid look. Again with a frilly shirt under a waist cincher or else a black corset with a pin up apron you get the look and show you're not there for the cleaning! 7. Schoolgirl - go for the bad girl look with a kilt or tartan skirt, the shorter the better, a white shirt unbuttoned at the neck and add a tie and long white socks and black shoes. 8. Beer wench - if you can get hold of a traditional German Dirndl fantastic, if not then use a frilly blouse with an underbust corset or waist cincher and a long full skirt. And if you can manage to carry 5 litres of beer in one hand then I'm sure you'll get extra points! 9. Indian squaw - there are some beautiful Indian fancy dress costumes available in larger sizes. 10. Nurse - here's another one you can't go wrong with - it's a uniform, it's sexy and they'll all be after your bed bath services! So here's your chance to emphasize your voluptuousness and make a statement. Have fun out there!
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