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Sexy Fancy Dress Uniforms - My Top 3

by:Sunspice      2020-05-07
Sexy fancy dress costumes are becoming more and more popular and choosing such an outfit is not dissimilar to picking a stylish new ensemble for a Saturday night out. Sexy uniforms make a great choice, as they are easily identifiable characters, ensuring your friends have no problem in guessing your persona. Uniform and occupation themed parties have been popular for some time, perfect for unisex groups or mixed parties and the industry responded with multiple designs, ensuring that a vast array of costumes are available. This means that you can afford to be picky and find the costume that suits both your figure and personality. It is important to feel comfortable and confident, just as if it were a trendy new mini dress or jumpsuit. Coordinating shoes and accessories are essential to complete the look and are now easy to find on the same websites selling costumes. Sexy Sailor Fancy Dress Costumes These costumes have become increasingly fashionable at costume parties as they are easily recognised and super cute. The sexy costume of choice for many a celebrity including Lauren Conrad, Katie Price and the Hollyoaks girls. The majority of these costumes come complete with little sailor hats and are often adorned with fashionable anchor appliques. If you are a 1940's pin up enthusiast or prefer feminine and particularly girly outfits, a sexy sailor costume would be perfect. Sexy Army Fancy Dress Costumes A great choice for any costume party as there is such a wide choice of sexy army fancy dress on the market. Often designed in classic khaki or camouflage prints with fitted skirts and matching accessories. Just recently coordinating camouflage boots have been released, complimenting any sexy army costume perfectly. If you are outspoken with leadership qualities, a sexy army costume would be a great choice. Sexy Police Fancy Dress Costumes A popular choice as these garments are usually created in the traditional dark colours, such as black and navy blue, meaning that these outfits are especially flattering. Often decorated with police style badges, matching hats and even plastic handcuffs, the sexy police fancy dress costume is an all inclusive ensemble, with no need to purchase separate accessories. If you have bossy yet naughty tendencies and enjoy the idea of giving orders, a sexy police costume is ideal. Other ideas include French maids, doctors and nurses, school pupils and many sports costumes. Extremely versatile and can be used for hen nights, birthday celebrations and even charity runs and marathons. A good choice for a festival theme and fabulously photogenic.
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