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Sexy Lingerie: How To Match Your Sexy Lingerie

by:Sunspice      2020-04-09
Every woman, no matter if she's tall or short, slim or curvy, wants to feel and look like a million dollars when she's wearing sexy lingerie.Lingerie is far from being only there to turn men on. Rather it's principally about feeling sexy and powerful as a woman. The right lingerie has this effect, but how can you be sure to get lingerie that will help you to feel that way? The key is being able to match the lingerie to your own body type and we're going to look at that here: Why Does Lingerie Make Us Feel Sexy And Powerful? Women always have a hold over men, but if you could crank this effect up to 10 would you do it? Sexy lingerie is an accessory that will enhance your feminine charms and keep all men's eyes on you. As a result you will feel sexier than before and revel in the power and hold you have over the opposite sex! There are a lot of different styles of lingerie available and you could be forgiven for not being very clear about which types would look best on your body. You also need to think about color and material too! Your Body Shape And Its Ideal Lingerie If you don't feel confident then it's very hard to look sexy. There's nothing worse for your confidence than spilling out of lingerie, not fitting into it properly or wearing a style that's unflattering. The trick to matching lingerie to body type is emphasizing your strengths, whilst playing down parts of your body that you're not so happy with. Do that and you're guaranteed to look great! For instance, if you have great boobs, but a bit of a tummy then just a bra may not be the best option to show them off. Why not try a babydoll that has in-built cups, but also drapes down over your body and will help you feel comfortable? Unless you have a killer figure you may wish to avoid extremely tight lingerie, instead focusing on styles that drape over your figure gracefully and feel comfy. Tights are always a winner too, because if your legs are a little chunky they will be slimming and look sexy. If your legs are toned then they will still look really good anyway. Color And Material Color is also important because matching it to your hair color is a surefire way to get a good-looking result. Blondes suit lighter colors like pastels; but brunettes and girls with black hair will benefit from darker colors like blues, purples and greens. You will already know that lingerie is available in a LOT of different materials, such as satin, silk, lace and even leather. Which material you choose is up to your taste, but remember that certain materials like lace may not be that comfortable for extended periods of wearing.
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