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Sexy Lingerie That You Can Use to Entice Your Partner

by:Sunspice      2020-05-17
There are countless ways to lure in your mate, through his senses of smell, taste, touch and of course sight. Men are truly visual creatures; they need sights for stimuli in addition to the other senses. Wearing sexy lingerie is like wrapping a beautiful gift. True, they want to get to the main attraction; they also want to work for it a little bit. Satiny, silky whispers of material that glide over your soft skin not only look good, but can be a tactile sensation as well. Remember, the sexy lingerie that you wear should appeal to every sense equally. For some men, the look should be elegant, while others might be more interested in looks that are a little racier. Of course, the same man might like both looks at different times, so having a variety of sexy lingerie is always a good idea. Look for lingerie in his favorite color, or that can evoke different moods for him. There are some looks that can pull double duty, perhaps as lingerie that you would wear under your day clothes as well as to entice your man while others are only good as sexy wear. Sexy lingerie does not only mean bras and panties, there is a whole lot of different lingerie items that you can choose from. Corsets, babydolls, teddies, nighties and other items can be wonderful as well. No matter what item you choose to wear, make sure that your sexy lingerie is going to be attractive and enticing for your mate. Finally, make sure that you are not terribly uncomfortable in the lingerie that you are wearing even if it does entice your mate. For instance, if you are a shy and modest woman and your mate desires black leather lingerie, you may have to compromise and choose something a little less dark. For instance, you might wear black satin instead. The final idea that you should keep in mind for sexy lingerie should be the way that it makes you feel especially when you are with your mate. Set the tone of your evening with the right music and the right lighting- try candle light or even soft pink bulbs, flattering to anybody at any time.
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