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Sexy Lingerie: Your Indispensable Teddy Buyer's Guide

by:Sunspice      2020-03-26
A teddy is the stand out option from all the many types of sexy lingerie available! Are you looking for something that's sexy and fun? Is it even possible to find lingerie that fits this description? Yes, and a teddy is the answer! Not everyone has heard of teddies though, so before you rush out to buy one let's look a little closer at what they are and why you'll love them! A teddy is a body suit with a twist. If the word 'body suit' really has you channeling the 80s, just stop right there! Replace all images of spandex-clad beauties dancing to Cyndi Lauper. Those are very different body suits to teddies! A teddy is one of the hottest types of sexy lingerie, and the typical image of them is that they're usually made of rather sheer lace and are supported by some tiny spaghetti straps. You know that guys can't resist lace! So although a teddy will cover a lot of your body, it's not meant for hiding behind; rather your teddy will enhance your shape and look great itself, driving men to distraction! What do I need to know about teddies before I buy? We know that teddies are a type of bodysuit, but there are so many different types as they're a very versatile item of sexy lingerie indeed. So when buying a teddy it's best to do some research into which might suit you. Are you looking for a sheer or block color teddy? Perhaps you prefer silk to lace? Do you favor a teddy with integrated garter belt and stockings, or would you rather have one with built-in cups for your bust? All of these are available, so as a starting point I suggest checking out teddy styles in your local lingerie store, or doing an image search on your computer. So what kind of teddy is best for you? As with most lingerie, a good teddy will give your strengths a boost and help to play down or hide any elements you're not so keen on. If you have a larger chest, then a teddy with integrated cups will give you support and a cleavage boost. If you're unsure about your tummy or hips, then most non-sheer teddies will be good as they will cover these areas a little. This allows you to feel at ease and more confident when you disrobe. A silk teddy is the most comfortable and can be worn all day, even under other clothes. In this way, you'll feel great all day and wow your man later too! For those of us who aren't sure how to care for silk it may be better to choose a satin version which is also similar. Lace and mesh teddies are ideal for someone who's looking to heat things up in the bedroom. These are at least partially (and can be very) sheer, so will tease your man as he can see a lot of what's waiting for him, whilst you still get the benefit of having a supportive bodysuit on. If you have a light complexion then you should consider medium or dark colors, as light colors will wash you out (just as with other clothes). Darker or olive complexions will benefit from earthy, lighter or pastel colors however, as these provide a good distinction against your skin tone. So now you have some great ideas when it comes to buying the right teddy. By following this advice you'll be sure to feel sexy when wearing one as everyday lingerie or sexy lingerie in the bedroom.
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