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Should You Allow Your Husband To Wear Lingerie?

by:Sunspice      2020-05-01
Double Standards There was a time when a woman's role was enclosed within a very tiny and rigid box. There were very limited things that we were allowed to do. We were dominated by the machismo system. To stop this, women fought and eventually won. These days, women are able to do most things that men can do. We are now allowed to vote, to work, to be independent, to make choices for ourselves, to wear pants, etc. The box that women used to live in is now destroyed. But then, do we ever think about the box that we enclose men in as well? We expect them to be strong, to provide for the family, to be all macho, to be manly, etc. A simple example of a double standard is that today, women are allowed to wear pants. But are men allowed to wear skirts? In most parts of the world, they would just be looked down upon or even laughed at. These double standards exist in marriages as well. If you have a husband, you want things to be balanced. You want things to be a mutual decision; you want the discipline of your kids to be balanced between the two of you, etc. because you and your husband are in equal standing. But what if your husband would want to wear lingerie? Would you stop him? Most women would. Think of it this way: if you wanted to wear a specific men's perfume because it smells good and your husband forbids you to do so, how would you feel? If he says you shouldn't be wearing that because you are a woman, wouldn't you be offended a bit? Yes, you would. Being told that you cannot or should not do something just because you are a woman is offensive. Fairness, Equality and Balance It's the same thing for men as well. If you tell him not to wear lingerie just because he is a man, then he would probably embarrassed and offended as well. It should be okay that he wants to wear lingerie. What matters is how he is a husband and a father. It shouldn't matter what he wants to wear. Would you rather have a husband who is all macho but who does not have time for you and your kids because he is always out drinking with his friends or a husband who wants to wear lingerie but is a very supportive father and a very loving husband? What matters is who he is and how is as a family man. If he is able to work and provide for you and your kids, if he is able to get along well with your family, if he loves you and respects you and treats you like it was still the first 3 months of your relationship, then why should it matter if your husband wears lingerie? If it makes him happy, wouldn't you want that for him? Isn't it a fair enough reward for everything he has done to make you happy as well? Who knows, you may even have some fun with this type of situation.
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