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Snookie Goes Shopping For Sexy Costumes

by:Sunspice      2020-04-12
Looks like Halloween might have come early for MTV's wildly popular reality show, JerseyShore. Looks like Snooki put aside her partying ways for a few hours to take the other Guidettes for a shopping excursion at a kinky adult store in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The gals were spotted around the shop oohing and aahing over the hundreds of saucy, sexy costumes. There choices in costumes confirmed a well-known fact in Jersey girl fashion; the more skin showing, the better. Jenny 'Jwwow' Farley, the resident body, strutted her stuff around the X-rated boutique in a black leather dominatrix outfit which so fits her ready-to-rumble personality. Newest housemate, Deena Cortese, showed off her tummy tats in a pink Playboy bunny costume, showing she's ready to keep up with the other girl's antics. And, as for Snookie, she led the team in an ultra-mini baseball costume emblazoner with the name 'Hustler.' Apparently, the pint-sized Snooki loved her new sexy costume so much that she decided to wear it back the party house - over-the-knee tube socks, high heels and all (we know the bump-it has to be hiding under the baseball cap). If you are starting to think about what sexy costume you'd like to wear this year for Halloween, just keep watching the JerseyShore girls for inspiration. Costume Machine can help you find thousands of sexy costumes to purchase on the Internet, from sexy brands like Leg Avenue, Playboy, and others. Be as naught or as nice as you'd like with a range of sexy costumes including French Maid costumes, Beer Girl costumes, sexy storybook characters, hospital hotties and more.
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