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Teddy Lingerie

Sexy teddy lingerie, also called a bodysuit or camiknickers, is a form of bodysuit like lingerie, in the past often worn in the boudoir. It is an undergarment which combines a camisole and pants in one piece. Unlike a full bodysuit, it is loose-fitting teddy designed for visual stimulating appeal and to show off the wearer's figure. Often use sheer or partially sheer material. and may be designed to slip off from the shoulders, rather than to open at the crotch.
Sexy teddy lingerie designed for visual appeal and teddies designed as practical clothing. Most modern teddies fall into one of these two categories. Teddy styles are listed and explained below.
Bareback teddy, teddy with an open back. Bareback
Teddy which combines a thong panty, bra and fashion top. Fashion top teddies come in a wide variety of styles, from simple styles with plain materials to very fancy styles with beads, crystals or sequins. Fashion top teddies can be worn as fancy undergarments or as an outer garment without a top over them.
Sleep teddy, loose-fitting teddy designed as sleepwear. Sleep teddies tend to use simpler materials and styles than teddies designed for visual appeal.
Teddiette, teddy with detachable garters.

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