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Teddy Lingerie: A Man's Favorite Teddy, Bare?

by:Sunspice      2020-03-25
The opinions of men and women may never be any farther away than when they are talking about women's intimates. A man is fine with picking something up off of the floor (with his feet no less) giving it a quick and very tentative sniff and then, if they are still standing upright seconds later, wearing those for the day. Women, on the other hand, have different undergarments for different outfits, different moods, times of the month and different occasions. Some single women even have panties and bras they wear for particular dates- crack that code boys and you may never have to guess what a woman is thinking ever again! But, there is less debate when it comes to teddy lingerie unless you count the debate on whether she will wear the blue or the black tonight. But why is teddy lingerie one of the favorites not only for women but for men as well? Do you know what makes a teddy a great piece of lingerie? First, it is sexy but not as revealing as a number of other types of lingerie. Think of a sexy body suit or leotard- teddy lingerie is built in much the same way. For women who have larger breasts, the teddy should have thicker, sturdier straps while smaller women can wear teddies that have thinner, less substantial straps. Look for adjustable straps, no matter what style you are opting for because having to either hitch up sliding straps or dealing with digging pain is neither comfortable nor sexy. The kind of material that your teddy lingerie is made from can also affect the way that it fits you. For instance, a thicker material may not pucker or pull if it is pulled on over the wrong body shape and a sexy teddy with just a touch of spandex can allow you to skim over bulges and bumps. Some teddies have crotches that can be unfastened while others do not. If you don't like the feeling of the snaps or if the whole thing is tugging in that most sensitive of areas, then go up by a size or choose a different style. Teddy lingerie is supposed to be sexy, not painful, after all.
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