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Teddy Love

by:Sunspice      2020-04-28
Do you, or someone you know, love to feel and look sexy, regardless if it is for a partner or for yourself? Then you may want to consider a sexy teddy for your mainstay in the lingerie department. Not the kind that you loved to hug when you were a little kid, but the sexy kind of lingerie that hugs you and makes you feel sexy! One of the greatest things about this type of lingerie style is that they are perfect for different women's body shapes and sizes, and also come in different styles, colors and fabrics, which lets you chose what fits a personality best and feels most comfortable on your body. If you are unfamiliar with this form of lingerie style, it is basically a form of bodysuit - like lingerie or an undergarment which combines a camisole and panty in one piece. Unlike a bodysuit, it is typically looser and sheerer, and may be designed to slip off from the shoulders, rather than to open at the crotch. There are two main types of teddies found in lingerie collections today - those designed for visual appeal and those designed as practical clothing. Here is a list of common teddy styles and their descriptions to help you navigate the world of adult teddies today: Bareback A lingerie teddy with an open back. Bareback teddies usually include one or more straps to provide bust support, so they can be worn without a bra, giving the wearer the appearance of a bare back. Body briefer A fitted teddy designed for figure shaping. Much like sleep teddies, body briefers tend to be designed for visual appeal. Body briefers are may also be called 'body shapers' or 'women's shapers'. Fashion top A teddy which combines a thong panty, bra and fashion top which can be worn as fancy undergarments or as an outer garment without a top over them. Sleep teddy A teddy that is more loose-fitting and designed to serve as sleepwear. Sleep teddies mainly use simpler materials and styles than teddies designed for visual appeal. Teddiette A teddy with detachable garters. Traditional teddy A loose-fitting teddy designed to be visually stimulating and show off the wearer's figure. Teddies often use sheer or partially sheer material for a see-through affect. Now that you know exactly what a teddy is, here is some more insight of what types of teddies are available. For brevity sake, we will just focus on the more sexy ones, because those are the most widely sought after types of teddies. There are numerous types of different teddies out there to choose from. You can find lace teddies, sheer teddies or see through teddies, thong teddies, push up teddies, full bottom teddies, backless teddies, etc. They can be made in a plethora of materials; however, the most popular teddies are made of lace and leather. What makes a teddy so appealing to many women is the fact that fashion teddies show off a woman's beautiful curves, yet covers up the stomach part! The bottom line is that teddies are a great addition to a women's lingerie collection and can be a total confidence booster, under her clothes or in the boudoir! They are a great way to provide that extra spark of excitement in a relationship, and are easy to wear and care for. Bring out your naughty side and let a teddy hug you today!
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