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Teddy - What Do You Know About It? How To Wear

by:Sunspice      2020-03-27
You've heard about teddies. You've seen them in shops, but how much do you actually know about this intriguing lingerie item? This article should help give you some more information on the Teddy, a very well-known piece of lingerie. This piece of lingerie is becoming popular fast. So what are the benefits of a teddy? History of the teddy. The first type of teddy appeared in the 1910's at this time it was called an envelope chemise or camiknickers. The original undergarment combined the camisole and knickers in one piece. In World War II as us ladies stepped up in the call of duty and took on men's roles we ended up wearing more trousers then skirts, this made the camiknickers a popular choice of lingerie. Sadly this piece of lingerie then lost its popularity, however in come the 1990's and the teddy that we know today was created. Often confused with... ... a body. The teddy can sometimes be confused with a body, as they both cover a female's torso and crotch in one garment. The teddy is usually more sheer, looser and generally a bit more sexy and revealing. Often it consists of a bra and briefs sections connected with some sexy straps lace or mesh panel. The different types of teddy The teddy can be devised into different types such as: Bareback Teddy: As the name suggests the teddy leaves you back bare and on view, generally this type of teddy comes with built-in support for your breasts. This can be a very sexy type of teddy as it is not necessarily the whole back that is cut out it all depends on the design and pattern. Body Briefer Teddy: This will be a simpler design and using simpler materials, the main aim of a body briefer teddy is to control them little areas you do not like and give you a figure to die for. Fashion Top Teddy: For those girls who like to think out of the box: this is one for you! With different designs and materials used wearing a teddy as a top can transform a look. Sleep Teddy: This is lingerie designed for practicality, using simple designs and material; this teddy will usually be loose-fitting, yet still a sexier option than your jogging bottoms and a baggy top. Teddiette: This is a teddy which is sexy, promiscuous and will really make a man's blood boil. With detectable garters this is an item to wear under you clothes or for a saucy night in. Traditional Teddy: This is designed to create a bad girl out of a good girl, with sexy seductive patterns and materials you can really create steam in the bedroom. How is teddy used now? Teddies are generally used now a sexy lingerie to share with a lucky person, they are also used under clothes as a great a comfy way to make you figure amazing. So if you are looking for a versatile piece of lingerie for the bedroom, or hey, even a top to make all eyes at the party on you then consider the teddy and you won't regret it!
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