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The Billboard of The World's Most Expensive Sexy Lingerie

by:Sunspice      2020-05-21
Can you imagine there is a ranking list of lingerie, the most secret items of women? Since the Victoria's Secret emerged on the fashion stage and got the global attention, lingerie has become a critical role in the fashion trend. The USA Forbes magazine published the ranking list of the world's most expensive and luxurious lingerie. Let's take a look at these astonishing underwear! Top 1. C. Gilson Price: $2684 (including the nightgown, stockings, bra and panty sets) Carine Gilson is a famous Belgian designer who launched her haute couture lingerie label in 1994. Just like its price, the place of the lingerie is irreplaceable. Known as a Princess of the 'Dessous Chics', G.Gilson set up a lingerie series for female who are crazy about all the beautiful things, which meet all women's desires for exquisite, elegant, and sexy items. Top 2. Guia La Bruna Price: $ 750 (a bra and panty set) Without being so luxurious, guia la bruna possess another feeling as a sweet girl. Guia La Bruna upholds natural, comfortable, and healthy wear, having the fitted 3-dimensional trimming as its greatest characteristic. The perfect combination of low-pitched luxury and highly simplicity creates a seductive visual perception successfully. With the price about $750 each set, Guia La Bruna may be the most expensive underwear for young girls. Top 3. I.D. Sarrieri Price to be announced Luxurious lingerie must be sexy, which can realize the essence of its luxury. Coming from France, I.D. Sarrieri can be seen as the noblest erotic lingerie, endowed with more flirtation and sex sensation. Although it is not as expensive as the former two brands, it is still unattainable for many people. Top 4. La Perla Price: $621 (a bra and panty set) We are relatively familiar with the luxurious lingerie brand La perla from Italy. The transparent underwear and the decoration of peacock feathers are the outstanding features. Although its price is closely next to I. D. Sarrieri, it is quite different from I.D.Sarrieri. La Perla is famous for its simple luxury, which is suitable for daily wear. So many fashion buyers like to purchase it. Top 5. Agent Provocateur Price: $588 (include the bra, panty, tights, and stockings) Top 6. Damaris Price: 544 (a bra and panty set) With seductive designs, Damaris lingerie is the best gifts for man to give their intimate lovers. Damaris Evans set her brand in 2001 and was crowned as the 'Lingerie Queen' by Vogue and ELLE after she designed the popular 'Bow Knicker' series. Top 7. Frankly Darling Price: $430 ( including the pajamas, bra and panty set) Top 8. Rabage Price: $420 (a bra and panty set) Top 9. Strumpet & Pink Price: $365 (including a panty) Top 10. Vagin Pouvoir Price: $344 (a bra and panty set)
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