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The Fancy Dress Witch Costume

by:Sunspice      2020-07-13
Everyone at one time or another wishes they had some sort of magical ability, whether it was to give them another ten minutes of time to finish getting dressed in the morning or to catch the eye of that special guy. And every Halloween time many of the women of the world live out that very fantasy with a variety of costumes, perfect for fancy dress parties. From the sexiest witchie-poo to the wicked witch ever to don the pointed cap, it doesn't matter how you dress it up as long as you feel the part. Cute and Adorable Witches From two to seventy two and beyond, witches do not have to be wretched and bent over crones seeking to enslave her minions. In fact, the littlest witches are far happier if they are not scaring themselves silly throughout the entire night. Look for little girl costumes in orange or a black and orange combo to take away some of the scare-factor. The cute costume might have silvery stars or other features to brighten and lighten it up. Enchanting Witches For some women, no matter what costume they choose, only the sexiest will do. For them, there are a number of enchanting fancy dress witch costume choices from super short, almost leathery black dresses to skin baring witch costumes in other colors. Plus Sized Witches The selection of costumes for the fuller figured gal is really getting better every year. Of course, the witch costume has always been a standby for the big and tall, but don't think that you are stuck with wearing shapeless dresses and a generic black hat. Wearing a sexier version of the witches dress can release your inner siren. Scary Witch Some women want to go old school with their costumes and scare all of the neighborhood children. For them it is head to toe black and wicked green face or nothing for their fancy dress Halloween costume. Regardless of which variety you choose to wear, make sure that you have the right accessories, makeup and shoes. No one wants to see a witch with a pair of jogging shoes after all.
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