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The Only Secret to Long Lasting Love

by:Sunspice      2020-06-12
Many a times we feel unloved or uncared for and consider that to be reason enough to call for a divorce. But what we forget is that there are still ways to bring back the joy into our marriage. Love is something that needs two people and their undying dedication to be complete. We often complain about what our partner does not do but forget to count what they do for us. Self pity very easily consumes us and prompts us to move away but we forget to stop and think whether we have done enough to save our marriage. In love we must be prepared to give up all we have for our spouse's happiness. A marriage is not a business deal. We must not try to weigh what our spouse has done for us as against what we have done for them. Such an attitude can never keep our marriage alive. When we look for advice to save our marriage we must just keep one thing in mind, marriage and love is not only about us but about our partner as well and it is often advisable to put the person we love above ourselves in such situations. We must never fail to acknowledge and appreciate what our partner does for us and how their presence in our lives makes everything simpler and more beautiful. Whether the smallest of gestures, or the biggest of gifts; we must not let anything go unnoticed. In turn we must always do things that make our partner feel wanted and loved! We must make constant efforts to draw them closer to us and make them feel special. Very often we tend to become selfish and search only for our own happiness. We must remember that when we love someone, we cannot be happy when they are sad and so it is essential to find our joy in the happiness of our partner. We must try not to do things that hurt our better halves and following advice that can save our marriage entails practicing a certain degree of selflessness. It is important to take the 'me' out of things and to look at the relationship from an 'us' perspective. Thus, being sensitive to our partner is essential and this requires us to be patient listeners and receptive lovers. Even in bed we must learn to give more. Thus, we must encourage our partners to express what they want and try to make the experience pleasurable to both. Erotic lingerie can very often set the right tone for things and are an important part of love making. Let not sex become a mundane exercise and introduce your partner to new pleasures that can improve sexual compatibility! The most important thing is to trust our partner and make them feel secure in the relationship. The only secret behind a happy relationship is selfless love and affection. Advice to save our marriage simply asks us to give to our partner what they deserve and to love selflessly because when we work towards keeping our partner happy, our partner too is sure to make an effort! That's how easy it is to ensure a marriage that can boast of long lasting love and compassion!
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