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The Top 5 Sexy Women's Halloween Costumes For 2010

by:Sunspice      2020-06-25
Like most women you are probably considering dressing up in a sexy outfit this year for Halloween, right? After all, Halloween is the one time of year where it is not only appropriate for you to dress sexy, it is expected! From thigh high boots and low cut tops, you can really have fun on Halloween night! This year there seems like there is an abundance of sexy Halloween costumes to choose from. With this many choices it may be difficult for any woman to pick the right one. Here are the top 5 sexy women's Halloween costumes for 2010. Snooki - The Jersey Shore is such a popular show on TV and Snooki is probably the most recognizable person from the series. From the poof in your hair to the mini dress, guys will go crazy when you wear this costume this year! Make sure you bring along a jar of pickles to finish the look! Sexy School Teacher - Class is in session! This has always been a popular costume because the sexy teacher look is the fantasy of most guys. Make sure you wear your hair done up in a sexy loose updo and don't forget to wear your dark rimmed glasses with red glossy lipstick! You will have the guys begging to bang your erasers after school! Queen Bee - Show the guys who is the head of this hive in this sexy costume! Not only do you get to wear the form fitting dress with the black fishnet stockings, but you get to wear a crown too! What woman would not love to wear a crown? Lady Gaga - There are so many options with this costume idea and is probably one of the most popular ones you will see out there this year! The sky is the limit because there is no wrong way to put together a Gaga costume. Just make sure whatever you do is over the top! Nothing less will do for this costume. Dead Bride Halloween Costume - Probably the number one costume that will drive the guys crazy this year is the Dead Bride! Wearing the sexy, skin tight wedding gown with the great veil and the undead makeup. You'll look just like a sexy version of the bride in Tim Burton's, 'The Corpse Bride'. Carry a black rose bouquet and you have yourself the perfect sexy costume this year!
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